Tuition and Technology support at home

Technology plays an increasingly vital role in our lives, and it can be a disaster when it all goes wrong. Until now solving computer and technology issues could be expensive and confusing.

Also simple things like setting up an email or maybe learning how to Skype are things that seem second nature to some people but not to everyone.

[email protected] is a call-out service that provides expert tuition and technology support for homes and small businesses, delivered by a team of talented IT students who are studying computer science and the best in their field.

Did you know that most common computer problems can be avoided by taking a few simple measures, just as long as you have a geek in your life to show you how? Whether your computer is performing at a glacial pace; whether it’s under the weather with a virus; or whether you simply want to hurl your malfunctioning printer out the window, it’s all a question of quick fixes and ongoing maintenance. This is where [email protected] can help.

The service sends and IT student right to your door to help with any computer or tech problems you have or even if you need some lessons, our students are very patient and very well trained for private one on one lessons. [email protected] can get any beginner to intermediate level within 4 hours.

All students are put through a rigorous recruitment process with background and security checks in place. The service is trustworthy and affordable.

A recent customer Jo-Anne Nighy said about her [email protected] experience.

‘I am totally hooked! Up until I met Zahid, who is now my cherished personal IT expert (I do not use the word ‘cherish’ lightly)…I classed myself as a technophobe; I know the limited basics of what I need to know and once I feel comfortable with what little I know, I remain highly fearful and mistrustful of any other possible technical opportunities. Too overwhelming.

Since meeting Zahid, things have changed dramatically; I feel empowered. He has given me the opportunity to ask questions that I would have been too ashamed to ask, I felt he genuinely enjoyed working out how to get around giving me what I needed. I felt his happiness at seeing my pleasure at mastering things he had just taught me. He was open to having to explain things to me in different ways until I got it.’

[email protected] can provide support around the following:

Uploading photos

Backing up computer and mobile phone

Setting up your mobile, tablet or TV

Installing your printer and scanner

Removing viruses

Setting up email and internet

Installing software

For more information call:  02030566864

EMAIL:  [email protected]

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