10 things to see in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city and makes a great holiday destination, as it’s filled with important landmarks, picturesque streets, lush parks and excellent museums.

Take a look at our top ten things to see in Stockholm if you’re planning a visit to this fantastic Swedish city.

1. Stadshuset

As an iconic building with exceptional city views, Stadshuset, the City Hall, is a must visit Stockholm destination. Book your place on a guided tour to see the Golden Hall, a formal room with millions of gold mosaics on the walls, the enormous organ in the Blue Hall, and the tower museum. Make sure you take a trip up the landmark tower to see amazing views of Stockolm.

2. Gamla Stan

One of the most important areas of Stockholm is Gamla Stan, the ancient Old Town. It’s packed with incredible visitor attractions, like historic churches, fascinating museums, great restaurants and important buildings. Take your time when exploring the medieval streets and make sure you pick up a few souvenirs from the area.

3. Moderna Museet

If you appreciate contemporary art and modern classical works then the Moderna Museet should be on your Stockholm to-do list. The museum houses an incredible collection of modern art, including works by Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Kruger and Pollock, as well as great temporary exhibitions, a shop and nice restaurant.

4. Vasa Museum

One of the jewels in the crown of Stockholm is the incredible Vasa warship, housed in its own museum and one of the most popular museums in the country. The 69 metre long ship sank on her maiden voyage, and after careful recovery from the seabed in 1961 it has now been exquisitely restored.

5. The Royal Palace

Down by the water in Gamla Stan is the Royal Palace (Sverige’s Kungahus), official royal residence of the King of Sweden. It’s an extraordinary and substantial building, with some 600 rooms and five visitor museums. Visitors can tour many of the rooms and see important antiques and artefacts, as well as the daily changing of the guard.

6. Fotografiska

Contemporary photography of the highest quality can be found in this unique museum in Stockholm. Fotografiska is one of the biggest photography galleries in the world and showcases modern photographs over several floors. Make sure to visit the popular new restaurant on site after taking in some extraordinary art.

7. Djurgården

The beautiful green island of Djurgården is a calm refuge in the vibrant city, and makes a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon. Grab some picnic food and head to the parks to enjoy tranquil views, hire a bike to ride around the forest cycle paths, or visit one of the many museums or cafes in the area.

8. Skansen

While you’re on Djurgården, make sure you take time to explore the remarkable open air museum Skansen. You can browse through more than 150 different shops, workshops, churches and other traditional Swedish buildings and see people at work making traditional craft. Make sure to visit the small zoo, home to Swedish wildlife, and eat some authentic Swedish cuisine in the restaurant.

9. The Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm has thousands of islands in the skärgården (archipelago), which begin just a short distance away from the capital. Take a boat or bus trip to the islands and make a day of touring them. Try Fjäderholmarna, home to some excellent restaurants and artisan studios. Pretty Vaxholm is filled with preserved wooden houses, shops and cafes to explore. Värmdö has a unique landscape to stroll around, while the town of Gustavsberg has a popular porcelain factory which is well worth visiting.

10. Stockholm Canal

As it is a city built on islands and thriving waterways, one of the best ways to see Stockholm is to take a canal tour. There are lots of excursions available, with everything from an ‘Abba Boat Tour’ and ‘Bridge Tour’ to a trip around the most important landmarks.

What would you most like to see on a trip to Stockholm?


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