Botswana: A truly unique safari destination

Botswana is a safari destination like no other. Much like its safari counterparts it offers breathtaking wildlife encounters, but it’s the unique way in which you explore its wild and wet landscape that makes Botswana different from the rest.



One of the main highlights of any holiday to Botswana is the Okavango Delta – the watering hole for the world’s rarest mammals. Here you can explore the delta by boat or take a traditional Mokoro journey through the waterways and encounter rare species including black and white rhinoceros, as well as cheetahs and the African wild dog.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park is another of the country’s wet wonderlands that offers the best chance to see wildlife, especially elephants. The waters from the Chobe River plays host to Africa’s greatest elephant population that roam the area in impressive herds of up to 400. Here, you can also expect to see a spectacular variety of birds including ostriches, eagles and storks.

Exploring Botswana’s waterways is a truly unique way of witnessing some of the most spectacular  animals on the planet. Feel the calm of the water as you encounter leopards, elephants, hippos and more. Botswana’s extremely sparsely accommodation will also make you feel like a true safari explorer – unique wildlife encounters without the madding crowds, what are you waiting for?

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6 nights travelling in May and November 2015


2 nights Victoria Falls

2 nights The Chobe River

2 nights Okavango Delta





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