Five breakfasts from around the world

They say it’s the most important meal of all, so how do countries around the world start the day? MasterChef Travel reveals some of its favourite breakfasts.

Pho, Vietnam

This delicately fragrant soup (pictured above) is served with noodles, thin slices of beef, onion, garlic and herbs local to the region. The popular broth is prepared overnight, and simmered with beef bones, fennel seeds, star anise and cardamom, which give a depth of flavour to the soup. It’s often served with a side plate of bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint, chilli and fish sauce, so you can personalise the bowl to your tastes. It’s a wonderfully warming way to begin the day in Vietnam.

Dosa, south India

Dosa, South India

Dosa, South India

A typical breakfast in the south of India consists of dosa, a thin, crisp and savoury pancake served with sambar and chutney. There are many variations of this dish – the sambar is a stew that can be made with any combination of vegetables and a wide range of spices (though tamarind is always included), and chutneys can be wet, made with dahl, chilli and herbs, or dry with desiccated coconut and spices ground together. Another popular option is the masala dosa, where the dosa is stuffed with fried onions, potatoes and spices.

Cappuccino, Italy

A country best known for making delicious dishes with simple ingredients, Italians stick to the same formula for breakfast. A usual breakfast is a cappuccino, often enjoyed just by itself. Biscotti, bread and jam or a brioche (pastry) are sometimes added, but it is the milk in the coffee that is the main part of breakfast. Be aware when travelling in Italy that none of the locals will drink a coffee with milk after breakfast – it is a sure sign of a tourist to do so.

Crepes, Morocco

Crepes, Morocco

Crepes, Morocco

Moroccans prepare a range of breads for breakfast, from baghrir (similar to a spongy pancake) to msemen (a crisp, flaky and square flatbread). These are served warm, along with butter and jam, and are always topped with olive oil, as some of the best olive oil in the world is produced in Morocco. More often than not, breakfast is washed down with a cup of sweetened Moroccan mint tea.

Eggs and tortillas, Mexico

Huevos rancheros might be the most well-known Mexican breakfast dish, and consists of corn tortillas topped with fried eggs, and salsa roja, a tomato-based chilli sauce. Other variants of the dish are huevos divorciados, where two eggs are served separately, one topped with salsa roja and the other topped with salsa verde – with the literal translation meaning ‘divorced eggs’. These breakfast plates are often also served with a side of beans, rice and avocado.

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