Mountaineering the easy way in the beautiful Canadian Rockies

The world’s second-largest country by area, Canada is a vast expanse of ever-changing and breath-taking natural landscapes, punctuated by some of the friendliest and most interesting towns and cities to be found in the northern hemisphere.

Canada’s awe-inspiring vistas, where jagged mountains rise over pine forests and mirror-like lakes, pristine glaciers sparkle as they stretch to the horizon and the waves of three different oceans crash against a coastline stretching more than two hundred thousand kilometres, are reason enough for the aesthetically-minded traveller to visit. But then there’s Canada’s spectacular wildlife.

Few destinations offer the opportunity to observe polar bears at play, spot grizzly bears and, just maybe, mountain lions among the diverse animals and birds that inhabit the country’s sprawling national parks or marvel as beluga, humpback or minke whales breach the ocean surf.

Most compelling of all, however, are the iconic Canadian Rocky Mountains. These pristine snow-capped peaks, unparalleled in their natural beauty, loom majestically over Alberta and British Columbia. Encompassed by a series of national parks which together form a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rockies present a landscape remarkable not only for the mountains themselves but also for its abundance of unspoilt glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, pine forests, canyons and limestone caves.

If Canada presents the discerning traveller with a problem at all, it’s one of choice. Given a limited space of time, how can one see and experience as many of Canada’s undoubted highlights without encountering a logistical nightmare of travel and accommodation arrangements?

The answer to this conundrum is to opt for an escorted tour of Canada and the Rocky Mountains. One of the most spectacular and unforgettable ways to experience the beauty of the Rockies is to travel aboard the legendary Rocky Mountaineer train. This is just one aspect of an excellent itinerary offered by Great Rail Journeys.

The benefit of choosing an escorted rail tour of Canada is that, for a single all-inclusive price, travellers are spared the challenge of juggling transport timetables and accommodation arrangements and can instead sit back and relax, travel in comfort and style and enjoy the freedom to discover some of Canada’s greatest attractions. And with truly compelling destinations including the Niagara Falls, Vancouver, the unforgettably beautiful Icefields Parkway and Toronto to explore, Canada and the Rocky Mountains truly promise every traveller the trip of a lifetime.

Canada and the Rocky Mountains:

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