Are you in for the long-haul?

Most of us look for the lowest airfares when flying and there are a number of tips to ensure you are getting the best deals. The first one is usually to book your flights as early as you can from when you are actually flying. Airlines now tend to try and sell the cheapest tickets first and then steadily increase prices towards the flight date. Go onto or for examples of this.

The second tip is to choose flights that won’t be so heavily used normally midday and midweek flights have less passengers travelling than weekends and early morning and late evening flights which can be busy as they are used by business travelers. It’s always worth going to one of the comparison websites such as expedia  for scheduled flights and also Travel Republic which is good for charter flights as they tend to have a large selection of airlines and some of the best prices.

We have found in our research that Trailfinders is an excellent flight agent when looking for longhaul flights. Check out Cheapflights which has a large selection of flights. Perhaps the most sophisticated website for evaluating the cheapest airline flights is Skyscanner where users can see the lowest flights using both non-stop and also a combination of 2 airlines to build the best fare for customers and then go ahead and make the booking.

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