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Returning to vibrant Sydney with its historic diversity and 21st century flare is never difficult for me and I have come here many times over the years.

Here, waiting for me will be one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. In one sweep of the eye – or one single photograph – I can take in two of the most iconic symbols of this country – the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The latter has been somewhat of a common theme for my trips here – I’ve climbed it three times now and each head-in-the-clouds experience has etched a deep and very different memory. Dawn climbs are all about the incredible skies of the sunrise; the twilight climbs are full of the enchantment of sunset combined with the bird’s-eye spectacle of watching the city’s night-time lights blink into view. And shame on you should you be thinking the days of climbing iconic bridges are behind you – tell that to the bridge’s oldest climber, 100 year old Mrs. Chris Muller!

Sydney’s weather is typically of the great variety which makes enjoying one of the many wonderful beaches almost compulsory – Manly, Coogee, Bondi are some of my favourites but take your pick or ask for my advise. All tend to come complete with beach-side cafés, fish & chip shops, bars and restaurants and are great places for watching the surfers or simply ocean gazing. A must-do for the fitter of you and coastal scenery lovers is the 6 km Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. This dishes up stunning view upon stunning view, a choice of cafés as you go and a total of 6 beaches so you can take a cooling swim en route if you choose. has a whole host of tips and facts about this walk to make sure you get the most from your seaside stroll. If you are thinking of heading to Manly hop on the ferry from Circular Quay where your transport will also treat you to an informal water-based ‘tour’ of the harbour as you go.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Darling Harbour is a personal favourite of mine. If I’m feeling hungry I like to head to the Meat and Wine Co steakhouse restaurant which serves up spectacular views of harbour and skyline along with great food. If I happen to be there on a Saturday night in summer I can watch the free fireworks displays which kick-off around 8.30 pm too.

Absolute ‘must-dos’ for any Sydney trip would be some time spent in the fabulous Australian Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum. Both are very different but both are so crammed with the fascinating, they could take up a whole day each or more. Other favoured haunts are the lovely suburb of Balmain where I have friends, along with the historic and buzzing area known as ‘The Rocks’ (make sure you visit the weekend market there).

Sydney Skyline At Dusk

Sydney Skyline At Dusk

Watching the world and the watercraft go by here as I sit at the waterfront……….. chilled glass of wine in hand……the bleached-white sails of the Opera House as a backdrop – well, this is my idea of as-good-as-it-gets. As famous city’s go, Sydney, in my opinion, has it all…

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