What to expect onboard from Emirates

After months spent on ‘staycations’, some of us may be ready to jet off whilst others may be more cautious before booking their next flight.

Even for those who are thinking about their next trip, there is no denying that travelling will be quite different to what we were used to.

The need to discover the world and reconnect with loved ones means that we are all likely to take a vacation abroad sooner rather than later, especially now that the travel restrictions across the globe are being relaxed. After all, don’t they say 60 is the new 40! Many of us may have less family and work related obligations meaning there is no better time to tick off that bucket list.

So, after so long without flying what can you expect on board when you fly one of the best airlines in the world?

As you would imagine the premium Dubai-based carrier has taken clear steps to enhance their safety measures on your flight. For instance, all aircraft are deep cleaned in Dubai and go through an enhanced cleaning and disinfection process after every trip.

And of course all passengers are asked to wear a mask to ensure optimal protection on board.

On the subject of safety, did you know that air in the cabin is changed every two to three minutes? It goes through HEPA filters that are actually able to catch most microscopic particles such as Bacteria and viruses. If you are interested in finding out about how this all works, we invite you to watch the video from the Emirates website here – we certainly learnt a few things!

In case you are in any doubt despite all these changes, Emirates remains a truly luxurious experience.

You can still choose from 4,500 channels of entertainment – including the latest movies and TV series as well as live sports – and savour flavours from around the world.

And if you are flying business, you will experience the delight of gourmet cuisine at 4,000 feet. Depending on the aircraft you have booked you will even be able to recline into a fully flat bed for a nap or unwind at the Onboard lounge!

Of course, your plans could still change due to ever changing travel restrictions and Emirates offers great booking flexibility so you can book your flight with confidence. Your ticket can have the flexibility allowing you to fly with Emirates at any time in the next 24 months (click here for more details).

And for extra peace of mind, the airline provides multi‑risk travel insurance with every flight, including cover for COVID‑19. The insurance is automatic – all you have to do is purchase your flight!

Ready to plan your next trip? Emirates has created a Covid-19 information hub (which you can visit here) so travellers can find out everything from current flights in operation to testing requirements by destinations. And if you are indeed ready to book, don’t miss out! Emirates is offering Silversurfers members up to £150 off return flights for travel until 31 March 2022. To find out more, click here.


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