Discover the hidden gems of China via new high speed rail Bullet trains

With the growth of China’s high-speed rail network, stunning historic locations once considered too remote to reach easily are now a short, comfortable ride on a new bullet train.

Most overseas visitors will see the well-known sites of Beijing before flying to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Army and then flying on to Shanghai – missing out on many equally historic and beautiful hidden gems that lie in between these three major cities.

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors

The ancient town of Pingyao, a UNESCO site considered the best preserved Imperial own in China, once could only be reached by a slow and uncomfortable 14½ hour train journey or an expensive flight to Taiyuan followed by a long road transfer. With the opening of the new high-speed rail network, a direct train from Beijing now reaches Pingyao in just 4 hours. The onward rail link to Xian is equally impressive: once 10 hours, it is now less than 3 hours.



The opportunity to see fascinating, less commercial locations with ease and in comfort doesn’t end there. The Longmen Grottoes, the holy mountain of Songshan and legendary Kungfu monks at the Shaolin monastery, seen by few foreign tourists, are now just 90 minutes on high speed rail from Xian. In fact, many city-to-city connections are now faster than domestic flights once time taken for airport transfers, check-in and baggage collection are considered.

These modern high speed trains also offer excellent levels of comfort and great value for money.

Reclining seats, air conditioning, trolley service, restaurant car and entertainment ensure a relaxing journey and are available as standard. First Class Train seats are wide with an excellent seat pitch offering luxury at an affordable price and consistently more comfortable and economy seats on comparable flight routes.

Our Reflections of Ancient China Tour By Bullet Train captures this concept to take you deep into traditional China. All the time staying in superior class and boutique accommodation, travelling First Class on China’s new ‘Bullet’ trains and with a diverse range of traditional cuisine, with this tour you will touch the heart of China’s ancient and beautiful culture whilst traveling at the cutting edge of technology.

Bullet Train

Bullet Train

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