Mythbusting for escorted touring newbies

The truth for those planning to undertake a journey with a group on an A&K Escorted Tour

Myth One

“My group will be huge.”

Travel is liberating, rewarding and insightful – and best shared. When it comes to escorted tours, A&K believes that they are best shared with a small group of similarly interested holiday-makers. They guarantee that each tour includes no more than 18 guests. Thanks to these intimate group sizes, clients can enjoy experiencing the world with new friends with welcome and farewell dinners framing the adventure, as well as frequent group lunches or dinners together. They can also avail themselves of the opportunity to enjoy deeper interactions with each tour’s resident tour director and expert local guides, getting to know them the insightful, dedicated travelling companions that they are.

There are other benefits too: small group sizes allow A&K to craft journeys that are seamlessly orchestrated and packed with insider-access opportunities. Many of each tour’s most memorable activities are only possible with a more intimate group. Small groups also enable A&K to reserve one-of-a-kind accommodation – the type that can’t house the typically larger groups.

Myth Two

“I won’t be able to travel the way I like to.”

Africa, Tanzania, Gibb’s Farm

A&K’s escorted tours are designed in two formats: Immersive Journeys and Luxury Small Group Journeys. While they share much in terms of inclusions, they differ significantly too, and one is sure to suit just how you like to travel.

Immersive Journeys are ideally suited to travellers who like the support of a group, but a little more freedom. These tours take every day at a leisurely pace. They are immersive, in-depth and informative – offering you the chance to understand a place and its culture and history.

Luxury Small Group Journeys are just the ticket if you like to fit a lot into your holiday. They move at a faster pace, but everything on these trips is designed to make your life as smooth (and luxurious) as possible. These features include Travelling Bellboy and Traveller’s Valet services; breakfast in bed on selected days; and ‘Ride like a Local’ and ‘Chef’s Table’ experiences.

Myth Three

“Escorted tours are expensive.”

Asia, China, Tibet

So much is included in the cost of an A&K Escorted Tour: luxury accommodation to complement your journey; airport meet and greets; return private transfers; internal or domestic flights; meals including most breakfasts, as well as selected lunches and dinners; wifi in accommodation wherever possible; and scenic sundowners in specially chosen spots. We suspect if you were to put it all together yourself, the price would be much, much more.

Besides, A&K ensures that, while on tour, you won’t need to think about the usual sundry costs of entrance fees, taxes or tips (excluding one for the resident tour director, which is at your discretion). These are all included in the price of the tour, meaning you can focus on the experience, not the expense.

Solo travellers needn’t fear being financially penalised either. On an A&K Immersive Journey, the first four solo travellers will avoid paying a single supplement if they book early. It’s the same journey and the same luxury, guaranteed at the same price.

Myth Four

“I’ll have no time to do my own thing.”

Africa; Tanzania; Sanctuary Kusini

There’s always room for personalisation on an A&K holiday – even an escorted tour. That means you can experience your destination your way thanks to the innovative Design your Day® concept. Available on at least one day of your itinerary, you will be able to choose from around three expert-crafted activities. On these days, you have the freedom to do something that is suited to you and your interests.

On Immersive Journeys, these have been loosely grouped into three themes to help you pick the ideal way to spend your day: arts and culture; culinary delights; and active.

On Luxury Small Group Journeys, there will always be one or more active options. So, whether you’re a foodie, fitness fanatic, or fine art aficionado, there’ll be an option to suit.

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