Family holidays even the teenagers will love

You might think that your teenage children or grandchild won’t be interested in a family holiday, but it’s all about finding the right type of holiday and the perfect destination.

Whether you want to try an exotic cruise, a city break or an adventurous vacation, there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.

Take a look at our suggestions for holiday styles and destinations that teenagers, parents and grandparents will love.


A holiday with your loved ones on a cruise ship could be the perfect way to spend time together. Many cruise ships now have a range of activities suitable for all ages, with special options for teenagers.

Lots of cruise ships are stocked with leisure facilities that teenagers will love, like pools and water sports centres, rock climbing walls, computer game tournaments, teen friendly movie screenings, parties and musicals. You’ll often find that the food and drink on the ship will be great for teenagers, with offerings like pizza and sushi, and some ships even have teenager only cafes and lounges.

Depending on their personality, your teenage relative might enjoy exploring the destinations that cruise ships head to. From relaxing golden beaches and rugged national parks to trendy capital cities and ancient ruins, you’ll find that there is a perfect cruise excursion type to suit your family.

If you do opt for a spectacular cruise with your family, make sure that there are activities for you and the other adults to enjoy as well. Don’t rely on your teenage relative to spend all their time with you – they may see this as an opportunity to do things on their own. Look for cruises with spas, entertainment and food that you will all enjoy, and make dates to do things together.

City Breaks

Lots of teenagers will love short city breaks, as they offer an exciting snapshot of bustling culture without dragging on.

A great place for a memorable family city break close to home is London, which abounds with teenage friendly activities. Shopping on Oxford Street, sightseeing from the London Eye, mingling with celebrity waxworks at Madame Tussauds and going to see a musical are just some of the brilliant things you could do together.

If you want to go further afield think of an iconic destination for a city break. You could get the Eurostar together to Paris, then go up the Eiffel Tower, marvel at Notre Dame, and eat amazing food. Consider going to a city in which your teenage relative will be able to speak some of the language or will enjoy the culture. Think Berlin if they are studying German, Barcelona for Spanish students, or head to Athens or Rome if your teenagers are history buffs.

You could go even further and head to one of the cultural capitals of the world, New York itself. The flight will reward you all with a trip to remember. Teenagers will love the towering skyscrapers, colourful lights of Broadway, excellent shops, and tasty food that the vibrant streets have to offer.

Stay Together

Whether you decide to stay in the UK or go further, a family holiday in a villa or cottage could be the perfect thing. The best thing about sharing a house with your family on holiday is that you can make time to explore nearby towns, relax in the evening, and cook meals together.

Centre Parcs are a great destination for families as there are activities for all ages and the lodges come in lots of sizes. Adventurous teens will love trying their hand at archery, quad biking, paintball and treetop challenges. The more studious teens might like falconry, a nature walk, spa days or pottery painting. The whole family will enjoy things like swimming in the subtropical swimming paradise, ten pin bowling and eating together at popular restaurants.

If you want to head abroad then try a holiday villa in Europe or further afield. Choose somewhere close to a city so that you can take day trips and buy any supplies you might need. If your villa has a pool or access to a beach, comes with a barbeque and television, and is near good restaurants, it will be all the better for teenagers.

If you do share a holiday house, make sure teens have their own bedroom and don’t expect them to get up as early as the rest of you! Even if you have to pay a little extra it’s worth investing in a villa with wifi internet access, as many teenagers will not appreciate it if they can’t get online to chat to friends.

What sort of holiday would you like to go on with your teenager relatives?

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