Holiday savings that are good enough to eat

Now here’s some food for thought, have you ever considered the huge savings you could make on a villa holiday?

As well as getting your own private villa, pool and host of free added extras including WiFi, air-conditioning and pool and table tennis tables, by using the fully equipped kitchen and BBQ area on offer at Villa Plus properties, you could make some serious holiday spending money savings.

Tourists will happily pay over-the-top food and wine prices at restaurants for three main reasons. One, they cannot face slaving away in a hot kitchen. Two, they want to enjoy dishes prepared with top-class, fresh ingredients. And three, they want to dine in a relaxing and beautiful setting because they know the ambience will intensify their culinary experience.

But all these reasons disappear for holidaymakers renting a villa in a sumptuous setting where warm, balmy evenings are guaranteed.


As Villa Plus villas all have barbecues and outdoor dining areas as well as a host of other free added extras, guests can cook and eat under the moonlight at a time of their choosing. They will also be in stunning locations with easy access to street markets selling locally sourced ingredients.

Preparing meals in your villa means avoiding the hefty wine mark-up that most restaurants charge for very ordinary plonk. It provides the chance to create bespoke meals that will please everyone, using specialities of the region.

Guests can take turns to pitch in with food preparation and outdoor cooking, and no one can ask you to leave should the feast turn into a party.

In recent research on the cost of eating out abroad, Villa Plus looked into the price difference between eating out and eating in at 14 destinations, based on a family of four adults.

Resort representatives collated prices of a traditional breakfast, lunch and evening meal, including drinks and gratuities, at local restaurants and compared them to supermarket prices.

In the Algarve in Portugal, renowned for its olives, figs, almonds, orange trees and fresh fish, lunch costs €18 at a villa as opposed to €73 in a restaurant, while dinner worked out at €73 and €147 respectively.

In Corfu, with its mix of Greek and Venetian influences, lunch cost €23 at a villa and €61 eating out, while dinner cost €69 and €143 respectively.

As well as having fun sourcing food from local markets, Villa Plus clients halved their food bills – significant savings that could almost buy them another wonderful villa holiday.




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