Never too Old for a Gap Year..

Many teenagers and youngsters are now inspiring their parents to take gap year trips or “long breaks”.

Over 10 per cent of travelers over 50 visit countries their children had recommended and travelled to in their own gap years a Thomas Cook survey showed.

A total of 44 per cent of the over 50’s said that they were jealous of the amount of traveling that youngsters now do but 40 per cent of them intended to make up for it on their retirement. However many over 50’s now take gap years or months following redundancy or change of job or just because they need a break in their working life!

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said:

“Parents and grandparents are now listening to experiences of their children or grandchildren after returning from their holidays and dream of doing the same thing.  We’ve seen a rise in the number of over 50’s booking trips to far-flung destinations once their children have left home and an increase in long-duration holidays, with some booking 21-night and 42-night packages.”

Peter Slowe, managing director of volunteering organisation Projects Abroad said that the group had also seen an explosion of interest in philanthropic volunteering abroad from the over 50’s. He said:

 “Some of our most successful placements have involved working professionals and retirees who are volunteering in a role in which they have many years of experience.”

There are many companies specializing in Gap year holidays and travels. Recommended travel agencies include Trailfinders and Travelbag  who both specialize in round the world and multi-trip holidays and travel itineraries.

Would you consider taking a Gap Year??


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