How to Staycation in Style

Although the allure of sunshine, sea and sand can be a welcome distraction from the habits of day to day routine, the effort and stress that often comes along with these types of holidays can often leave you feeling more in need of a holiday than when you started.

The cattle shed of the airport combined with the commuting travel, can be more hassle than it’s worth.

Staycationing is an option that many often forget about in favour for hotter climates, and although you’re guaranteed sunshine, it can often come at the expense of our own health.

We may not have the most glamorous weather conditions, but the UK does offer a variety of landscapes that we can escape to without the need of a plane.

The comforts of home are still around us and we can feel safe in the knowledge that home is not far away.

So how do you create a staycation with as much fun and style as the sunshine destinations?

Do Your Research

The government have been encouraging us all to take advantage of what our great country has to offer, and thanks to this scheme there have been many staycation websites cropping up detailing the adventures than can be had.

Just like the hotel you would book millions of miles away, doing your research is an essential part of making your holiday as fuss free as possible.

The wonderful benefit being that if you have any doubts you can simply pick up the phone and ask someone.

Bring A Friend

Gathering a group of friends for an adventure is all part of the fun.

Over a dinner party simply grab a map and pick a destination you’ve all been wondering about, or just pick an idea out of a hat. The best adventures always come from the unknown.

And with so many special offers on group bookings available across many of the UK’s most loved destinations, there’s just no excuse not to get together.

No matter where you decide to go there will always be something for everyone.  From Afternoon Tea, to exploring the local history. The UK has a wealth of interesting and unusual activities to keep the most avid crossword player intrigued.

Travel In Comfort

Driving yourself can be a tiresome and stressful task, especially if you’re going to the other side of the country.

Rather than panic about motorways and maps, take away the frustration by looking at alternative travel methods such as trains or private hire coaches.

Traveling without the incessant background noise of a Sat-Nav will allow you to sit back and pop open that bottle of red you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

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