Top tips for hassle-free plane travel

The fact you can book a flight to almost anywhere in the world is a truly wonderful thing, but when you’re stuck in a security queue or shunted into an uncomfortable seat, it doesn’t always feel that way.

Learn a few nifty tips and tricks to make sure your next trip runs smoothly and look forward to hassle-free plane travel…

The security shuffle 

The security line is one of the least enjoyable parts of travelling by plane but the checks are there for a variety of very good reasons. Make sure you can get through the line as quickly as possible by always looking ahead and finding out exactly what is required.

Different airports have different sets of rules – for example, some like you to take your shoes off and others prefer you to keep them on – so it’s best to look for information signs or friendly members of staff before you start improvising.

However, there are some things you can do to ease the experience no matter where you are. For a start, pack light and don’t overstuff your bag. If you do have to open your luggage to show an agent, you want to be able to re-pack as quickly and easily as possible. Make sure any toiletries and liquids are separate and below the maximum volume for hand luggage (usually 100ml), don’t carry too many things in your pockets and dress wisely – slip off shoes and trousers or skirts that don’t need a belt are ideal.

Paying for priority 

Another great way to shorten your time in the security line is to consider paying for priority boarding services. This often allows you to join a separate queue and can help you get on your flight more quickly. When flights offer free seating (this is typical for short, internal flights), priority boarding can be great for letting you make sure you can nab a window seat.

If you are taking a longer flight, it’s likely that you will be able to book seats ahead of time. Many airlines will allow you to choose your seats within 24 hours of departure, either online or at the airport. However, to select seats before then, there is normally a small fee. This can be worth paying purely for the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be seated beside your travelling companion.

Getting the help you need

Do remember that assistance is always available when travelling by plane. If you know ahead of time that you’ll need help, be certain to mention it to your airline when you’re booking tickets. They will make sure that someone is on hand to offer you any help you may need. On the other hand, if you unexpectedly discover you need assistance while travelling, any member of airport staff should be happy to help.

Don’t forget to book travel insurance before you leave and take our tips on board so you can look forward to a more comfortable and hassle-free flight.

So tell us: what are your for tips hassle-free plane travel?

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