Do you really need to declare medical conditions on your travel insurance?

If you’re going away and wondering if you need to declare your medical conditions, take a read of this blog and we’ll tell you why it’s so important.

When taking out a travel insurance policy for your next holiday, do you wonder whether you really need to declare any medical conditions you live with?

The short answer is yes, you really do need to declare all of your health conditions on your travel insurance. But here’s why…

What is a medical condition?

Depending on your travel insurance provider, you might get a slightly different definition of ‘medical condition. But, in short, a pre-existing medical condition is any medical condition that you’ve had to see a doctor about or receive treatment for.

They can be physical or mental, and they’re usually things that aren’t covered as standard by travel insurance policies.

Why do I need to declare medical conditions?

By declaring medical conditions, you make sure that you have a level of cover for specific things that are relevant to you but might not be covered on a standard travel insurance policy.

Making sure your travel insurer knows about your medical history can provide protection for you against large medical bills if something does go wrong when you’re away.

Nobody likes to think about something going wrong on holiday. But, with travel insurance that is personalised to cover your medical conditions, you can be covered and there’s less chance your policy will be invalidated due to your insurer not being aware there was an underlying or pre-existing condition that you live with.

What’s the process?

It really depends on the insurer you’re dealing with. If your insurer covers conditions, they should ask you some simple questions over the phone or online about your conditions. This will give you a chance to declare anything you need to.

While it might be nerve-wracking or difficult to talk about your health, bear in mind that the person you deal with will be understanding and let you do things in your own time. They’re there to help you, and they do this for a living, so try and focus on declaring them in the best way for you.

Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

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