‘Powering up’ when travelling – confused?

‘Powering-up’ mobile devices in conjunction with the new security rules are not fully understood by the majority of the traveling public.

Airport security has recently come under the spotlight with new security rules in place for passengers traveling along specific routes to and from the UK. The precise routes have not been stated by authorities, but passengers should expect the new measures on all routes leaving the UK.

Passengers are now required to switch on portable electronic items to show that they have sufficient charge. Whilst the most common device is a mobile phone, shavers, hair straighteners, laptops and tablets are all subject to the same rules.

Despite a national media campaign, according to a survey commissioned by Cheapflights, approximately one third of Brits (32%) remain completely unaware of the new rules, with 45% not convinced the new rules will “actually make them any safer.”

Beth Macer, Travel Insurance expert from, warned that travelers could face serious issues if they are not able to comply with security procedures:

“Passengers risk having their mobile devices taken from them at security if they are not able to switch them on. With most people now having expensive smart-phones, the cost of a new phone may well outweigh the cost of the holiday. As a result, passengers may find themselves missing their holiday due to a flat battery.”

Macer adds that Travel Insurance will probably not likely pay out in this circumstance:

“Travel Insurance, in the case of missing a holiday due to noncompliance with security procedures, is unlikely to be of any use to the traveler. Cancelation cover only covers unforeseen circumstances and is only designed to cover certain events, for example, being unable to travel due to death, illness or injury (amongst other scenarios). Because travellers have been warned in advance of the new security rules, it is no longer an ‘unforeseen event’ therefore if you are not allowed to travel because you cannot comply to these rules, then you will not be covered to claim for cancellation under your travel insurance policy.’


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