Thinking of all the wonderful trips you plan to take this year?

Whether you want to escape for some winter sun, spend more time visiting family and friends or simply tick more places off your bucket list then there are two ways we can help!

Tip one – if you have pets and prefer to avoid boarding ,or don’t want to leave your home empty for extended periods, why not try using one of our registered sitters?

You’ll find many sitters who are just like you – they share a love of pets and zest for life and enjoy the opportunity to explore somewhere new without the cost of accommodation. It’s a win-win – you’ll have your home, garden and pets cared for in just the way you want whilst you are away. As any vet will tell you pets are much happier at home in their own environment following their usual routine. Plus our registered sitters will happily help you for free!

Tip two – why not try house sitting yourself? With assignments all over the UK and in 70+ countries worldwide you can stay in some wonderful homes and enjoy new places ‘living like a local’. From Somerset to Sydney, cities, beaches and the countryside the opportunities are endless – some for just a weekend and other for weeks or sometimes months at a time.

Housesitting is a great option for anyone who has the freedom of retirement and if you are a solo traveller you’ll avoid the single supplements and the tables for one too. Staying for free in great places with all the home comforts.

Our members, both sitters and home owners alike, are our biggest advocates, talking about the wonderful friends they make – including the furry four legged kind!

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