UK cruises: Do I really need travel insurance?

Cruises are not your average holiday, and they look set to be popular around the UK this year. Find out if you need UK cruise travel insurance here.

Cruises are a unique kind of holiday. With the restrictions on international travel in place, a cruise that visits more than one different foreign country, as many do, could be a complicated affair. That’s where UK cruises come in.

A domestic cruise in the UK might be a great alternative to get the cruise experience without the hassle of international travel restrictions, but do you really need travel insurance. In short, yes, but keep reading to find out exactly why.

Not your average holiday

A cruise isn’t like every other kind of holiday, there are different things to think about. That means you need specialist cover to make sure you have protection against the unique things that can go wrong.

For example, if you need to be taken to hospital while at sea, that wouldn’t be covered by a normal travel insurance policy because it’s not your average emergency. Cruise travel insurance should be able to help, though.

What to look for

On top of emergency medical expenses, there are few specific things to look out for when taking out cruise travel insurance.

Cabin confinement allowance, unused excursion cover, itinerary change, cruise interruption, and even things like emergency evening wear cover are all things to look out for.

The devil is really in the details when it comes to cruise travel insurance, so try and be sure everything that’s important to you is covered.

Why UK cruises?

You might feel safer going on a cruise in the UK than abroad at the moment, and that’s excellent news – we all deserve to enjoy a holiday. But if that makes you wonder why you’d need travel insurance for a cruise in the UK, then maybe you should reconsider.

The specifics that cruise travel insurance covers you for are still completely relevant for a domestic cruise. Whether that’s cabin confinement, unused excursions, or something else, being covered is essential for your peace of mind.

To illustrate just how important travel insurance is for cruises, many cruise lines make it a requirement for you to be able to travel with them. What’s more, some cruise lines such as P&O and Cunard are asking their passengers to be covered for up to £2 million for emergency medical and repatriation costs for their UK cruises.

Take out your cruise travel insurance today

If you’re going on a cruise in the UK, or somewhere else for that matter, take out a Cruise Travel Insurance policy with Avanti today. They can help give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your next holiday!


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