The best free cooking videos you can watch on YouTube

If you want to learn new recipes and brush up on your cooking skills, try YouTube – there are hundreds of channels made by professional and amateur chefs that can quickly and clearly demonstrate new techniques and teach you how to prepare a whole range of meals.

Here’s some of the best YouTube cooking channels on the web worth looking at.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Jamie Oliver is one of the most successful chefs working in Britain today, and in addition to his chain of restaurants, series of cookbooks and popular television programmes, he also finds time to make a series of videos for YouTube sharing behind the scenes videos, new recipes and cooking techniques. Browse all the videos on his channel here.


Tasty’s visual recipes have made them a favourite on social media around the world – from innovative dishes to truly mouth-watering videos, this is a great channel to pick up a few new tips and enjoy watching the process unfold. Browse all the videos on Tasty here.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is the highest paid celebrity chef in the world – and for good reason. His incredibly popular restaurants and television shows have helped him foster a huge fanbase around the world, and on his YouTube channel he takes you behind the scenes to share some of his best cooking tips to make you a better chef. Browse all the videos on his channel here.

Everyday Food

Chef Sarah Carey of Everyday Food uploads weekly videos to her YouTube channel sharing a whole range of great recipes plus simple instructions on how to make them. Browse all the videos on Everyday Food here.

Have you ever used YouTube to find cooking tips and new recipes?

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