Chips and Prostate Cancer

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Did you know its national chip week this week?

As its National Chip week, you might think there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the week with extra portions of chips but they could also be doing us quite a lot of harm. It seems to be more of a problem for men than women.

A recent study published in The Telegraph has also suggested that eating chips more than once a week can increase the risk of prostate cancer by a third. Eating deep fried food such as chips, doughnuts, fried chicken and battered fish may also increase the risk. There was no mention of the risks for women but fried foods should make up a very small part of the diet.

Everyone loves chips but they aren’t particularly healthy especially on a regular basis. Most people love the smell of chips and there can be nothing better than tucking into a bag of perfectly cooked chips. Going to the chip shop every couple of months for a bag of chips won’t do you any harm but eating them more frequently can cause weight gain. Try swapping regular potatoes for sweet potatoes as they have a lower GI and also count as 1 of your 5 a day

So what can you eat instead of chips?

  • Oven chips are healthier than fried
  • You could have a jacket potato, boiled potatoes or mash
  • Make your own using sweet potato and a little olive oil then bake in the oven
  • Make a tray of lots of different roast vegetables
  • Swap chips for rice (ideally brown)

Written by: Hannah Bailey BSc from Wise Choice Nutrition

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I set up Wise Choice Nutrition in 2010 after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University where I studied Public Health Nutrition. I am a member of the Nutrition Society and registered as an Associate Public Health Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. My motto of “ways to have your cake and eat it” sums up the principle of the business, having a treat within a healthy balanced diet is important. Wise Choice Nutrition offers people a realistic and sensible way of losing weight or eating a healthier diet and leading a healthy lifestyle which works for the whole family. Weekly menu plans with healthy food, packed lunch ideas and snacks are used as the basis to implement lifelong changes to lifestyle.

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