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Just want to say hello to everyone in the area 🤗
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I appreciate I am not great with social skills, but I am amazed there are not any other posts on here yet. We will have different opinions and some may not wish to engage in extended conversations .... but you can at least say Hello!
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Hi - I'm a retired pensioner looking for intelligent chat. My interests are (non-active now) flying both gliding and powered, would love to try paragliding sometime. I have a few medical problems ( who doesn't when retired). Let's see who may be interested.
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Looks as if I'm the first for the Rotherham area. Hello to anyone!
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Good morning Feltham and to our new local community page, I hope everyone is staying safe in these difficult times. Without travelling out of the area we are so lucky to have so many beautiful open spaces to enjoy, from the beautiful country park, Hanworth Airpark, to the Ludlow open space and all those in-between and too many to mention here. It has seemed a funny few weeks with the Airport at less than half capacity, no airplane noise or vapour trails in the brilliant blue sky and, to be honest, having spent all my life next to it and working there for 25 plus years … I miss it!! It's our biggest employer I hope it is soon up and running. I am hoping this local community page will be successful and put us in touch with each other.
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Hi, my name is Julie, just thought I would get this started and introduce myself, hoping others will follow....
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Hi! I spend all my spare time in van in the area during the season when not working so just wanted to join the forum to hear from others in the area about upcoming events
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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and really enjoy reading lots of the different articles which is most welcome in these difficult times. Be nice to hear from other people in my area?????
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