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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and really enjoy reading lots of the different articles which is most welcome in these difficult times. Be nice to hear from other people in my area?????
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Is anyone here from North Yorkshire? 😊
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I appreciate I am not great with social skills, but I am amazed there are not any other posts on here yet. We will have different opinions and some may not wish to engage in extended conversations .... but you can at least say Hello!
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Looks like I'm the first one from Bristol 🙂
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Hi, my name is Julie, just thought I would get this started and introduce myself, hoping others will follow....
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Hi! I spend all my spare time in van in the area during the season when not working so just wanted to join the forum to hear from others in the area about upcoming events
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This is a bit like Close Encounters. When the Guys arrive at the site where they find the aeroplanes someone says, "Are we the first?" This seems like it's a good idea. Thank you Silversurfers
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Looks as if I'm the first for the Rotherham area. Hello to anyone!
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I can’t believe that I’m the only one here. I can’t remember being the first anywhere!
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Hi, is there anyone on here between Gorleston and Lowestoft?
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