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I appreciate I am not great with social skills, but I am amazed there are not any other posts on here yet. We will have different opinions and some may not wish to engage in extended conversations .... but you can at least say Hello!
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I can’t believe that I’m the only one here. I can’t remember being the first anywhere!
Added By : , Sheffield
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Having just found this site - I am a little disappointed that there are NO posts recorded. So I have started the ball rolling with this challenge -- Post something / ANYTHING !!
Added By : , Norwich
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Disappointed to not find anyone from Liverpool
Added By : , Liverpool
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I can't see anyone here! Where is everyone?
Added By : , Inverness
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Looks like I am the first to post on this new site, I am 63 yrs young and live in Leigh and would be happy to chat to anyone else from this area.
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Wow! Nothing in here what a busy place - I say everyone's to busy to post anything.
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Is there anyone out there?
Added By : , Nuneaton
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Seems I am a first at something. There appears to be no one around. Going to be lonely me thinks
Added By : , Barnsley
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