Home improvement projects before selling your home

Whether you’re looking to sell or simply wanting to improve and upgrade your home, there’s plenty of small jobs that have a big impact. 

From simple weekend projects to larger jobs that are the most worthwhile investment before selling, here’s our pick of some of the top home improvement projects to tackle before selling your home


A lick of paint

There’s nothing that transforms a house as quickly and efficiently as giving it a brisk makeover with a paint brush. As well as injecting new life into those dull or cracked walls, a bright, light re-colouring will immediately make your home more cost-effective and attractive. Magnolia is a popular shade for achieving this.

The three Cs

Clutter, cleaning and carpets. A well-presented home will always be more attractive to a potential buyer, so have a top-to-bottom clear-out of every room in the house. Increasing space in your home is a psychological boost when you live there and a potential financial one when selling. Decluttering becomes a must. Think of the efforts you go to when making your home presentable for having guests round and multiply that a few times for when you’re looking to add real value to your property.

Thinking bigger

While a little bit of DIY and manageable home improvements will certainly add value to your residence, sometimes bigger projects are necessary if you really want to increase your home’s selling value. For example, it’s estimated that while double glazing could cost around £2000 to install, it could actually add £4000 onto the eventual selling price. Other major alterations that can increase value twofold are an extra bathroom, central heating and a kitchen renewal. If you need advice about what to consider, an estate agent will be able to advise you on which projects to prioritise.

Think outside the house

It’s really the home’s exterior that makes the first impression, so having a presentable garden and making sure doors, windows, sheds and driveways are neat and tidy can be crucial. Jobs as simple as adding planters to the walkway and painting the door can really pay dividends.

Do it yourself. Literally.

At the end of the day, the simplest way to increase your profit before you sell is to undertake the work yourself or with the help of family. Start planning in advance; if you know you want to sell your home in the next few years, now is a great time to draw up a list of what you’ll need to do and tackle it one job at a time.

What home improvements helped you sell your property faster? Share your experiences in the comments below. 


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