The smart way to future-proof your home

How to future-proof your home without impacting your lifestyle choices

Times are changing. Future-proofing your home, does not have to mean major renovations, huge costs or total floor plan reconfiguration anymore.

One UK business is breaking the mould and offering its discerning customers a solution with both function and form.

Leading the way in its field, the Lifton Home Lift gives homeowners the chance to keep their properties exactly as they intended and this is reflected in its unique product design.

Focusing on future-proofing your home without impacting your lifestyle choices. A Lifton domestic lift blends effortlessly with its surroundings, has graceful muted tones, curved lines and travels between floors on two elegant stilts in under 30 seconds. It is a feature to be admired and an experience to be enjoyed and even comes with soothing blue LED lights for enhanced comfort of travel after dark.

In addition to its chic light grey curved exterior, its technical performance is outstanding. Engineers in Germany have perfected a unique self-supporting structure which means it has no need for noisy hydraulics, a lift shaft or pit and it does not require load bearing walls to operate. The only structural work required is a small opening in the ceiling to allow the Lifton Home Lift to pass through when travelling between floors.

Lifton product designers have drawn on art, science and technology to take ideas from invention to reality and create a domestic lift which will fit almost anywhere in the home, thanks to its modular design and compact footprint of less than a square metre.

The versatile Lifton domestic lifts can be fitted in multiple locations around the home, with the most favoured installation choice being from ground floor living space up to a first floor master suite. It can also be fitted into the void of a turning staircase, or completely hidden from view, travelling between floors in vacant cupboard space.

Almost silent in motion, thanks to ‘easy-glide’ rails and a self-contained drive mechanism, the Lifton Home Lift takes around a day to install and plugs straight into a standard power socket, making it practical and energy efficient. It includes a simple control panel which can be secured with a key and includes two remote controls as standard.

Safety is also paramount with Lifton, which is why it has built-in sensors to automatically detect obstruction above or below the domestic lift when it is moving. It also has weight limit sensors, out of balance sensors, over speed detection and more.

Investing in a Lifton Home Lift allows homeowners to regain control over their future in the most stylish way possible. Even if it is not an immediate need, in terms of accessibility to upstairs, it is extremely practical for transporting bulky laundry, heavy luggage or even the grandchildren.

Existing Lifton Home Lift customers describe the domestic lift as ‘beautiful’ with ‘elegant simplicity’ providing them with ‘total peace of mind and independence going forward’ while others are impressed with its ‘precise and innovative engineering’.

Lifton lifts are now available in the USA, known as home elevators


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