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This is, I think, your best post to date. I stand with you on every point. Judgement of others not in our tribal or cultural group is so easy, so possiblre these days. We align ourselves with a certain style, a certain milleu, and the others are outlanders. How very wrong this is. We see a fat person and assign over eating - that may not be the case! We see a drunk in the streets, or a vagrant, but don't ask them, why, before passing judgement. It is so easy to pass judgement from our ivory tower of self righeousness, our virtuous self centredness. But one day, others will pass judgement on us. It must be fifty or more years ago now, I was walking up a river bank in West Norfolk - my home - heading for Kings Lynn. At one point there was a chap in the river taking a bath. I helped him get out and while he was discretely drying and dressing I lit my Primus stove and made sweet tea. He ate my sandwiches as he spoke. This chap had been a chaplain in the British Army at the end of the War. He had given army men the flim flam to fire them up for the next day, a day in which most were killed, He was there, he saw it. But he had done his duty as a chaplain. Outwardly he was a smelly tramp, dishevelled and unkempt. Inwardly he was a man with a massive conscience before a holy God. He had done wrong and others paid the price. He had followed the system, said the words and many men died as a result. How would you judge him? A smelly tramp, a war hero or just a hapless vagrant? It's your call. The NHS is I think the best of Post War institutions. But if we are so easily to judge people and say they can't receive treatment free at the point of delivery, well, that is a net which is ever tightening and one day it will exlcude us!!
5 hours ago
LittleMinx commented on: Simple Life’s Pleasures
Fresh warm bread just from the oven, spread with thick creamy butter and a pot of my favourite tea. Enjoyed sitting at a little table in between the lavender, listening to birdsong.
Jeanmark, it is very agreeable we see eye to eye once agin. I am just too small for the work I wanted to do. But like you and nursing, I went ahead and did it, no matter what. For my size, yes, I'm well over weight, but it's not fat. And here I'm with Phil - it's not a workable proposition to create an artificial benchmark based on ... well what? Sedentary workers? Is it an average or a median value? Even a waist measurement may well not be a yardstick. In my twenty five years of farm work my body grew to accomodate the work I was doing - didn't get any taller. But my bone structure needed to stiffen and grow to accommodate what I asked of it. My stomach muscles grew too and therefore the waist measurement grew too! BMI is not in any way an accurate measure of body size - it takes no account of how we've lived our lives. If people like Phil and I are be to offered a just and fair judgement of our bodies then the NHS, which you know I support whole heartedly, needs to come up with another formula, one which takes account of our previous lifestyle and our present lives. To tell me to lose weight is an absurdity; I'm still very active, running with three collies almost daily, gardening five thousand square feet of land for food ... But it's nice we still agree.
Hi Colinmec, A good person to listen to is Dr Wayne Dyer. https://youtu.be/N3dyb0JA1XA His book: Your Erroneous Zones is an eye opener. He has audio books and many videos on youtube. https://youtu.be/xD7i6VUOriI - Thich Nhat Hanh https://youtu.be/dG5ywz8OGqo- Yonge Mingyur Rinpoche there is a lot here but all great and worth listening to.
6 hours ago
LittleMinx commented on: Energy tarrifs
Like you, Jinty121, I don't need the hassle, lengthy phone calls and otherwise rocking an otherwise steady boat. I do however push for the best deals and do save money.They are much of a muchness, I fear small companies will become unstable and go under. So the devil I know.
8 hours ago
Jinty121 commented on: Energy tarrifs
I looked at this very recently as my Gas tariff was ending soon. The only ones which gave me much of a saving were little unknown companies so I chose to stay with my dual fuel provider for the next year. It all seems rather uncertain and thought I'd better stick to the devil I know nPower!
8 hours ago
Hi. On the 31st January 2017 I am flying to Sydney to visit relatives and then explore Australia. Planning to spend about 2 months out there. Is there anyone out there who is planning a similar trip. It would be good to fly out together and possibly see some sites together. If you are interested then email me and we could meet and discuss. I live in Kent in the UK.
Does that mean all drug induced, drunken, obese people who have paid the Government all their lives are now guilty of neglecting their own bodies and should be penalised? Segregated as malingerers, looked down on by the perfects? Drug pushing Tobacco giants told people smoking was "good" for them, now they are hooked on this drug, so let's classify smokers as drug users. Let's penalise the victims and leave the pushers wallowing in their drug money. Maybe you should sue to get the money to pay for your treatment. If you have taken an aspirin, which is classified as a drug and is prescribed by your doctor, you are a drug user. Is the Doctor responsible for introducing you to drugs, is he a pusher? Maybe you should sue to get the money to pay for your treatment. If you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with a hormonal problem that results in obesity and has no connection to consuming vast amounts of food. Are you then to be dismissed out of hand? Categorised as one who has no control over their eating habits, penalised? Drinkers seldom start out as alcoholics, incrementally it creeps up on them. Yet another form of drug to get hooked on. In some cases, the brain is unable to tell the drinker or eater that he has had enough so they carry on unchecked. Is that then a medical condition? I attach a small portion from the revised Hippocratic Oath taken by Doctors today. I will make every effort to ensure that the rights of all patients are respected, including vulnerable groups who lack means of making their needs known, be it through immaturity, mental incapacity, imprisonment or detention or other circumstance. My professional judgement will be exercised as independently as possible and not be influenced by political pressures nor by factors such as the social standing of the patient. I will not put personal profit or advancement above my duty to patients. The problem stems from greed, criminal Big Business, silently slipping additives into drinks, foods and toiletries, life threatening products under the radar. No use indulging in hand wringing, impose stringent checks on these companies, don't make the victims pay. It is easier to stand in judgement than to understand a population desperately in need of help and support. Where do you draw the line, who plays God with peoples lives? Everyone who becomes sick regardless of how they became ill, should be treated and helped.
8 hours ago
Hi I just joined yesterday so finding my way around at the moment. I'm from just outside Edinburgh and would love to holiday with a friendly small group of people.
9 hours ago
Jinty121 commented on: Does anyone else suffer with Tinnitus?
I suffer from tinnitus too it's so annoying. I'm going to try your suggestion tonight Genie10 anything is worth a try. At the moment my ears have high pitched whistling noises. Aaargh!
Where would you go back to and would Cher accompany you?
10 hours ago
LittleMinx commented on: UFO’s and Extraterrestrial life
Caustic as ever, I suspect you are playing a game here. I do not think for one moment any advanced race would choose you of all people to share space with. Maybe as an experiment, perhaps, a study in how so many earthlings are devoid of any of the humanitarian traits so loved by extraterrestrials. An experiment on how nastiness, driven by an innate fear and self loathing. is the very first emotion that rises to the top. There are and have been clinically documented cases of abduction. These people remain fearful, traumatised and changed for the rest of their lives. We do not make light of this. Mock not what you know absolutely nothing about. If you have been through what you claim, you would not have posted it on pages viewed by thousands of people. Nolite inludere ne in deum. According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary: Mumbo Jumbo is a noun and is the name of a grotesque idol said to have been worshipped by some tribes. In its figurative sense, Mumbo Jumbo is an object of senseless veneration or a meaningless ritual. A strange bugbear employed by the Pagan Mandingos for the purpose of keeping their women in subjection. Can't seem to see how in your thinking, you connect the idea of extraterrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects with mumbo-jumbo.
12 hours ago
Genie10 commented on: Does anyone else suffer with Tinnitus?
About getting to sleep, try to avoid drugs. One method suggested to me was to relax and try visualising everything you had done during the day from waking up, breakfast onwards. I've tried it and it works. While trying to remember what you've done you forget about the tinnitus.
13 hours ago
mikzun commented on: Fuss free Phones for Seniors
Go on to ebay or amazon & search for slider or clamshell phones, these answer calls simply by opening them when they ring, big button non smartphone ones available, also tesco do clamshell phones, but not sure if their sim free, good luck, mike.
14 hours ago
Hi I am a very, very young at heart with a lot of friends who are much younger, and therefore haven't got the money or work-free time that I have, particularly now that I intend to use my pension to pretty much travel all the time. have been to quite a few countries inthe past, though nothing that exotic. i am about to take my van to Europe for the rest of the winter, and maybe do some Workaways, but very interested to find like-minded people as traveling companions after that.
15 hours ago
jeanmark commented on: Gallstones – have you had them?
I know and that's the whole point. Shingles is caused by the chickenpox virus that lies dormant until stimulated for some reason. The shingles vaccine is offered to people in their 70's known to have had chickenpox and is expected to reduce their risk of getting shingles.
Lionel, I agree with you and I understand that it is now recognised that BMI may not be an accurate measurement although waist size is. I decided long ago I wasn't overweight, just too short!
My views on people who have moved abroad being entitled to come back for treatment... If they have lived abroad for more than ten years, then possibly not. However I do strongly believe those who have lived in the UK until government retirement age and then want to live the rest of their lives in a better climate should of course be entitled health care here.
Fruitcake, I think if people leave this country to move abroad they should not be entitled to come back for treatment regardless if they contributed to the system before they left.
20 hours ago
Birdie McBirdface commented on: Does anyone else suffer with Tinnitus?
Oh yes, I have had this wretched tinnitus for around six years now (seemed to appear after a very nasty chest infection which I ended up in hospital with) - I'm not sure why I ended up with it, never had a particularly noisy environment in the past (unless you count being an audio typist) - I have just moved to Yorkshire to a very quiet village and the silence would be deafening, if it were not for the tinnitus ;) Mine is just a continuous noise in my left ear (with an occasional clicking/knocking noise in my right - I suppose it doesn't want to feel left out!) I haven't tried acupuncture, but sometimes I get to the stage of feeling I will try anything.
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12 hours ago
fhsgb has a new topic: Energy tarrifs
Much has been advertised,on switching energy supplier,to obtain a better deal.I have checked this at intervals since Jan 2016 and the most recent for December this year,was a saving of approx £197 per year,which is less than £4 pw.Is it worth it,no not really,plus the cost of a disconnection fee
5 days ago
LittleMinx has a new topic: Does Meditating make a difference to your body and life?
By listening to your body and training your brain, it is possible to activate different centres in the brain to benefit your health and mind. Tibetan monks and yogis have been practicing this art for centuries. Miraculous things have been achieved by using deep meditation. It helps with lowering blood pressure, reduction in anxiety and stress and most beneficial of all Neuroplasticity. I copy here and explanation of Neuroplasticity: Neuroplasticity: The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment. I have practiced daily meditation for many years, it is as important to me as breathing. Along with Tai qigong a gentle excercise, I have more control over my mental and biological development. It would definitely be a huge benefit to the whole population.
6 days ago
debbief01 has a new topic: Visiting Iceland in February 2017
Hi, i am going to Iceland in February hopefully to see the northern lights. Just looking for some tips on warm clothes to wear and footwear, We are flying and then in a hotel for a few days but will be going on a few excursions, just want to know what the pavements/pathways will be like, and how warm the hotels restaurants will be ?? Thanks in advance for any replies
6 days ago
EG04 has a new topic: New friends in Newton Abbot
Hi I have just relocated from Essex to Newton Abbot to be near family. I am 62 married with two children and four grandchildren. Would like to make new female friends in the area for coffee, walking, shopping, classes etc. Many thanks.
Thanks in anticipation.
6 days ago
Rose of Tralee has a new topic: Fuss free Phones for Seniors

Where can I find a big button, radio free, sim free mobile?
7 days ago
EG04 has a new topic: Making friends
I have just retired and moved to Newton Abbot with my husband and would like to make new female friends for shopping, days out etc??
28/11/2016 01:28:11
Superman has a new topic: Retirement
Am due to retire 2018, and it scares me!! Having worked over 40 years, any suggestions how to cope?
27/11/2016 14:38:27
LittleMinx has a new topic: Rugby League
What is happening to rugby players, I have just been watching Wales v South Africa, two very powerful teams, spent all their time standing around and tying shoe laces, slow. If they had put a spurt on they could have won many more points, what do I say? Pah!
27/11/2016 14:00:00
AnnLesley has a new topic: Mrs Dale’s Diary

I remember listening to this whenever I could way back when. Does anyone else remember the programme?
25/11/2016 19:44:29
BrumEJ43 has a new topic: Danny Dyer
Hope you all watched "Who do you think you are" - Danny Dyer, last night, - what a wonderful show, the best show of 2016 on TV, - never watch East Enders, but Danny last night your were brilliant. I haven't stopped laughing. Who Do You Think You Are, - had become boring to say the least, but not last night. Danny for the UK Ambassador to the USA I say.
25/11/2016 18:28:41
Greymare has a new topic: Ground Elder
Is there an easier way of getting rid of ground elder than digging it up which leaves lots of bits behind. It is all over the borders and in a lot of the lawn. Also I have inherited a large magnolia bush, I don't know the variety but it desperately needs trimming before it takes over the garden. When is the best time to do it?
25/11/2016 18:28:18
Rose Harwood has a new topic: Bladder problems
I have an over active bladder been taking vesicare for 7 months some days I struggle with it. Anyone out there with this problem?
25/11/2016 18:26:53
Greymare has a new topic: Bamboo
I have moved into a house which has some bamboo growing which I want to get rid of. I can't dig it up as the previous owner laid weed membrane which was then covered with decorative pebbles. The bamboo has grown up through this so the roots are a solid mass about 3 metres long. Any ideas how I can get rid of it?
25/11/2016 07:39:40
Marley444 has a new topic: Black Friday – I’ve had enough!
Sitting watching breakfast news, and all the reports are about Black Friday! When did Christmas become all about the money? I love a bargain as much as anyone but each year it seems the spirit of Christmas is being overtaken by the money and the need to buy presents. What happened to the season of goodwill?
25/11/2016 07:34:44
Marley444 has a new topic: Double Dipping
Last night we popped into our neighbours for a drink. They had put some humous and carrots and breadsticks out for us to enjoy ... and then to my horror, I saw the host dip his breadstick, take a bite, and then dip it again!! Is it just me, or do you find double dipping repulsive? Fine if the food is just for you, but what about when it is to be shared by others?? My stomach just turned and I continued to enjoy my glass of wine, and declined the offer of the humous!
24/11/2016 14:12:36
margt has a new topic: Invisible at 70
Why do younger people think that we are no longer able to do things? I am fit, able , happy and good with technology. My husband and myself play table tennis , and I go to art class. Also I work in a charity book shop. We live in the same world as everyone else and the new technology is open to all. Why are we meant to be distant from everything going on in the world?
23/11/2016 17:10:33
LittleMinx has a new topic: Which song would you pick that most describes you and your life?
Shirley Bassey sings songs that I immediately identify with, I have chosen these two: "This Is My Life" and "Nobody does it like me".
23/11/2016 17:10:02
LittleMinx has a new topic: Halal food
Halal food. Headline: Cadbury's in Australia encounter Halal Hell as Cadbury's Chocolate is boycotted. Australian companies are being targeted over Halal products. Vegemite, Milo and Byron Bay Cookie Company have all sparked an outrage through social media. What is so wrong with Halal food? Halal simply means "Clean". Nearly every product we buy in Britain today is Halal, so why the uproar? Surely it is a good thing not to put animal fat in chocolate?
23/11/2016 16:14:26
LittleMinx has a new topic: A Riddle
Two legs, sitting on three legs with one leg in his lap. Along comes fourlegs, runs away with one. Up jumps two legs, picks up three legs, throws it at fourlegs, gets back one leg!

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