Prostrate Cancer
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One man every hour DIES of advanced prostrate Cancer in the UK. It is one of the main causes of death in men and some as young as 50 or younger have been diagnosed with advanced incurable prostrate Cancer. If caught early it is entirely curable. A simple blood test taken from the arm at your GP can indicate if you need further investigation. There is no national screening programme you have to ask for the test. Please please have this simple test annually from 50. My dear husband is now dying because he did not know about this test and in spite of going to the GP with symptoms was not given the test until too late. Please heed this warning.
Tongue cancer
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Hi my user name is skipworth I joined the site a few days ago. I was diagnosed with cancer at the base of the tongue in 2002 had three weeks of chemo 28 days of radio therapy it has left me not been able to eat properly and most of my food is liquid.
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