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15th May 2019 13:29:20
Thanks for voting!
Good morning everyone first time on here
Response from Yodama made on 15th May 2019 16:57:21
Hello HappyRay.
Looks like everyone has gone somewhere. Welcome to the site anyway, hope you find your way around. and join in with your posts.
Seems pretty lively on Speakers corner if you are interested.
Response from HappyRay made on 15th May 2019 20:48:20
How do I find speakers corner
Response from Beauty made on 15th May 2019 23:01:11
Hi HappyRay
Welcome to the site....hope you have fun finding new friends on here.
Response from Wilf made 2 days ago
Lots of friendly people on this site HappyRay
Response from HappyRay made 2 days ago
Hello everyone still trying to find my way around so far so good
2 days ago
Thanks for voting!
Hi Mirve
Welcome to all of us. You've taken the first step....Lots of people on here/out there in similar position to you. You sound positive & optimistic, so hope you continue to be that way. Always ready to chat.
All the best Beauty
Response from mirve56 made 2 days ago
Hi Beauty, thanks for your message. Still trying to navigate the site in-between job hunting, lol. It's great to have found a site with 'normal' people for once. Are there group chats on here too? Hope you're having a great day, 8.15 pm here, 33 degrees and humid....and it's only May!!!
Response from Wilf made 2 days ago
Hello Mirve 33 degrees you cannot be in the UK!-Australia or Spain!
12th Apr 2019 13:18:42
Thanks for voting!
Hi Silver Surfers!

Bill here, my friends call me Don, but either of the three can work. I live in Farnborough, but have spent much of the past 14 years in Melbourne. While the change has mostly been due to personal reasons, I love to think of myself as a world citizen. There is something about staying in a single place for too long that does my mind in, so I love to move around whenever responsibility allows.

I just happened across this awesome community as I was looking up some clean eating pointers. Thought I would drop a line in and hopefully engage you from time to time.

Response from Beauty made on 12th Apr 2019 14:51:44
Hi Sting/Bill/Don
You're right....we're all awesome, not sure about the 'clean eating', is that possible nowadays. Anyways, last time I was in Melbourne in Summer (a while ago) it rained, so I felt at home. Hope you're enjoying life in leafy Hampshire....All the best Beauty
PS Always happy to try find my 'rolling stone'....whenever responsibility allows...
Response from Yodama made on 12th Apr 2019 17:04:21
Welcome to all three of you, it is a lovely site when you get involved . I suppose you will miss the Melbourne sun, but hey, we have Cornish Pasties!
Response from RabHaw made on 13th Apr 2019 05:58:13
Welcome Sting/Don- My daughter set off back packing and ended up in Melbourne a year ago Loves it extended her visa and works in marketing as well as helps run an international hostel - a sun shine addict !
Response from mirve56 made 2 days ago
Hello Don/Bill/Sting.....know what you mean about staying in one place, I've been in the UAE for 10 years, USA before that and am getting itchy feet again 🙂
2 days ago
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Hello Silversurfers 🙂 I'm brand new so thought I'd write a few lines about myself. The basics; I'm 56, divorced for almost 3 yrs and still single, no kids, live in Dubai and have been unemployed as of 2 weeks today. Getting laid off from work got me thinking about my life in general and I came to realise how empty it is. My career has been such a demanding part of my life that I unwittingly neglected everything else to be honest. Working overseas for almost 20 years and moving around so much, it was also hard to maintain relationships, and now I find that I can count on the fingers of one hand how many real friends I have. Being divorced at my age doesn't help either, it's a bit like having a contagious disease the way people react to it, and all those 'couples' that used to be friends all disappeared afterwards! As for family............well, that deserves a whole page to itself, lol. I can't say I have the life I thought I would at 56, and I definitely didn't expect to be single!! I also realised that I'm actually quite lonely, just didn't notice it when work filled the void. So, rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself, I decided it was time to do something about it, so here I am. What am I looking for? Well, friendship primarily, with some like-minded individuals to chat to and share thoughts & ideas with. At some point I'll have to return to the UK so I suppose I'm laying the groundwork for that too. Anyway, sorry for the essay.........but hope to chat to lots of interesting folks soon 🙂
12th May 2019 15:59:24
Thanks for voting!
Hi. Joined a while ago, then promptly forgot my log in details.

Guess I'm a lost cause. Also dramatically broke my phone so now have a new one and getting to grips with that

Nothing much has changed, still working unsociable hours, still with multiple care roles
Two crazy German shepherd's and several small animals in the house (this includes teenagers)

Yes I'm here, lonely just a taxi now and again..

Have taken up walking and found some wonderful places, Cragside Hall in Northumberland and kielder forrest.. Love nature and attempting photographs.

Glad of the lighter nights and the promise of nicer weather x
Response from Yodama made on 12th May 2019 17:12:42
Welcome back daisy. Yes the lighter nights and warmer weather is wonderful. Everything bursting out and blooming, lovely time of the year.
Maybe see you around the forum??
Response from Diamonddaisy made on 12th May 2019 17:28:19
Most likely, unless I forget my log in again.
Usually very busy but need me time too now
Response from Beauty made on 15th May 2019 22:48:43
Hi Diamonddaisy
You mentioned Cragside. Do you live near there? Anyway, welcome to the site and hope you make some friends on here. All the best.
Response from Diamonddaisy made on 16th May 2019 19:49:37
Hi. It's a reasonable drive away as I live just outside Durham City
Are you near cragside?
15th May 2019 08:43:53
Thanks for voting!
I joined today after doing a search for pen friends as I enjoy writing. I belong to a Creative Writing group with my local U3A.
We were asked why we write. I said for escapism but afterwards thought what I like most are letters....
Email is the modern equivalent but you can't beat a real paper letter with lovely handwritten words in ink.
I love cooking and run a small Pudding Club. My hope had been to make mostly good old fashioned puddings but mostly we make cakes, desserts, pastries and biscuits.
I have a plan to change the way the club is run to bring it to a wider audience.
Men particularly seem enjoy a traditional homemade pudding, but we are all women.
I live in glorious West Somerset and love it. We live in quite an isolated area in the hills where i am often out and about walking my lovely Spanish rescue dog Bilbo.
He is a nervous little boy, finds the world a scary place full of noises and movements which make him jump in fright. He is getting braver and now comes out with us for pub meals. He makes himself as small as possible and sits hidden under the table where he does enjoy watching all the comings and goings.

It is my birthday on Friday. I will be 67 so if anyone would care to reply that would be my birthday treat.
Thanks for reading.
Response from Beauty made on 15th May 2019 22:54:30
Hi Bilbomum
Hope you're preparing a mega-Birthday pudding/cake for Friday.....who knows - it may be the start of 'PuddinsRus'.
All the best on the day and for the rest of the year. Just reflect on all your experience and wisdom gained through the years.....if you could distill it all.....
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Friday. X
10th May 2019 13:31:37
Thanks for voting!
Hello everyone
I typed „Travel Companion“ into the Google search box and came up as one of the results. As the age demographic is perfect for me I thought I might as well join despite there being no nearby users looking for someone to travel with.
Looking forward to the pleasant surprises the site and it‘s community has in store for me
Response from Beauty made on 10th May 2019 20:57:30
Hi 'CC'
Welcome to all of us. Not sure who/what/where you're looking to travel from/to etc.....Hope you have fun on here....We're a friendly bunch....
Response from CoffeeCake made on 11th May 2019 15:51:59
Thank you! I am quite used to going solo but it would be nice to have someone to go with. I am not a „roast yourself on the beach“ kind of person and prefer City Breaks and multi center holidays further afield.
10th Feb 2019 19:20:02
Thanks for voting!
Hi all. I'm new to the forum. I'm from Yorkshire.
Response from Karen68 made on 11th Feb 2019 20:36:00
Thank you, Northern.
Response from NorthernChris made on 12th Feb 2019 14:24:12
Hi Karen. I'm in the north east. Obsessed with music and photography! Happy to chat at any time 🙂
Response from Karen68 made on 15th Mar 2019 01:40:09
Thank you.
Response from Karen68 made on 15th Mar 2019 01:45:56
Sorry it took so long to reply.
Response from GreginYorkshire made on 18th Mar 2019 17:09:49
Hi Karen. I have just recently joined too. We live in East Yorkshire. Beautiful county
Response from Karen68 made on 6th May 2019 13:46:35
Hi Greg. Yes it is a beautiful county. Was great to see the Tour de Yorkshire come through my village last week.
5th May 2019 12:17:22
Thanks for voting!
Hello, I`ve just joined introducing myself. Definitely over 50, pretty sure I`m a silversurfer but can`t be certain as I cut my hair really short, not that I don`t like grey but I`ve had very short hair for so long I wouldn't be me with hair. Single, couple of grown up children, enjoy peace and quiet reading and trying to do as little as possible.
Response from Yodama made on 5th May 2019 15:35:09
Welcome to this dimension Dr, I know you say you are a silversurfer, but have you forgotten who you are? Perhaps you will find yourself in your previous dimension, that is...if you remember where you were. All very puzzling.
Response from Beauty made on 5th May 2019 17:24:06
Yodama has encapsulated who we were/are/might be.....let's all hang on to.....? Whatever, we can find ..
Response from Beauty made on 5th May 2019 17:26:27
Hi Lola
....You have worth & value..stuff happens, work through it and hold on to what you value. All the best X
5th May 2019 09:03:16
Thanks for voting!
Hello I’m new to this and also new to a single life. I’m not sure where to go or how to go from here so hearing other experiences might be useful.
After 34 years of marriage my husband decided to tell me he no longer loved me and hadn’t for sometime. He wanted us to separate and thought I would welcome this too. He was wrong there but, to keep the story short, there were issues with us both which could, I feel have been addressed. I for my part had devoted my time to our two daughters and made up for him, because of work, not always being around and was looking forward to a time when he would retire and we would be able to spend more time together. However he had met someone through his activities and suddenly saw a future with her instead. Obviously there is a lot more to this but basically I am now alone and, as well as my past married life being made less than a happy memory, I feel that the future I saw for us has also been snatched away.
My daughters are busy with work, their own relationships and their children. I see them often and love seeing my grandsons but they do have their own lives. We did have a lovely holiday together last year but I can’t expect them to always want to take me.
I acquired a little dog for company and to give me a reason to get up in the morning which is great because I have to go out with her even when I don’t really feel like it!
My problem is that I want to be able to do the things I had expected to do in retirement like days out, weekends away and holidays. I want to take the dog for walks and pub lunches etc, not much fun alone. I no longer drive and that is an issue, and I won’t again so it is no use suggesting, as a kind person did recently, that I try again. Also, if I’m honest I would like some kind of relationship, not perhaps a mad passion but loving and warm. Someone to hold and be held by, and to go places with.
My question is, am I wrong to want this? How do I go about it without looking as though I just want a driver to take me out?
I’m 65 and I feel robbed of the autumn of my life that I expected. Am I being unrealistic and do I have to accept another ten or years of loneliness?
Response from Yodama made on 5th May 2019 15:41:02
Welcome to the site lola, many on here with similar stories to yours. It is not a good place to be in but there is only up once you get up off the floor.
Reach out to people on this site, have a look through the forums to see if something interests you and join in, Weird at first but you will soon get into the swing of things.
Good luck.
2nd May 2019 17:19:18
Thanks for voting!
Good Evening , One & All, With the wife out shopping, I thought to myself, What shall I do now?
So, here I am joining this Silver Surfers thingy.
Not sure what to look at or where to go , but I'm here.
It looks a good place to drop a few lines, air an idea or an opinion and get some great advice along the way.
Kindest Regards sixtfox
26th Apr 2019 12:45:10
Thanks for voting!
Hi i'm dot ,I'm 66 but still feel and dress ten years younger ,,i love to enjoy the simple things in life and have been on my own for over 10 years,.
Having four children and grandchildren keeps me active and up to date with the fast moving world ,,needing silence at times to take it all in and have free space in my little home ,.I enjoy arts and craft and usually find myself with a paintbrush in my hand or full of glue as i love to revamp furniture and craft things from nothing ,,.
Believing everything happens for a reason i enjoy all aspects of life and take nothing for granted ,. hope to speak to some nice people on here and make friends though i do have many in Manchester .
17th Apr 2019 08:34:31
Thanks for voting!
Hello I’m Irish 66 and I live in Malaysia I’ve lived here with my husband for almost forty years we have three children and six grandchildren.
Most of the time I really enjoy living here but at the moment the weather is very hot and dry and I’m wilting along with our veg patch.
Looking forward to hearing from people across the world.
Response from Beauty made on 23rd Apr 2019 16:02:19
Hi cmari,
Greeting from UK & tree-lined Surrey. Really hope weather is being kinder to you & vegetable patch, & giving you some rain - Spring rainfall here is even less than normal....ditch @ bottom of garden is empty already, doesn't bode well for later in year.... All the best
21st Apr 2019 18:22:40
Thanks for voting!
Well, I'm not a particularly an exotic or exciting individual. I was born in 1951 which seems a long time ago these days! I am a retired elementary school principal and am looking for friendship on this website. I live in the UK and am enjoying my retirement .I live on the north east coast of England and the sea never disappoints. I would like to connect with anyone who wants a connection that is friendly and fun. Xxx
Response from Beauty made on 23rd Apr 2019 15:56:52
Hi Sellio
Welcome to....all of us. We're all as interesting or boring as each other....elements of humanity, each with our own life stories. Long way from you as I'm in Surrey, but my lovely Mum came from New Kyo... Hope you make some friends on here XxX
15th Apr 2019 02:18:17
Thanks for voting!
Hi all, retired living in the top end of OZ west coast - rural community with a small 'village' of 9000 souls. Married second time around with many grandkids and rellies!

enjoy international exchanges!
Response from CaroleAH made on 15th Apr 2019 14:23:31
Hi Yatesy,
Welcome to Silversurfers - hope you find lots of topics of interest which you can join in with. It would be great to see some photos of your part of the world on the Showcase. Carole 🙂
Baby ladybird
9th Apr 2019 22:34:13
Thanks for voting!
Hi recently joined silversurfers and hopefully strike up some friends
Response from Beauty made on 12th Apr 2019 20:51:39
Hi Babyladybird
Welcome to the site.... Loads of interest on here. Hope you enjoy.
4th Apr 2019 05:30:05
Thanks for voting!
Hi everyone! I am newbie to the site. I am in my mid fifties. Looking for friendship. Love to travel , Rv and laugh.
Response from Baby ladybird made on 9th Apr 2019 22:38:12
I am in my late fifties looking for friendship and a laugh
Response from Beauty made on 10th Apr 2019 19:04:54
Welcome to the site.. Not sure where you're located..but hope you'll fnd some new friends on here, Beauty
10th Apr 2019 13:36:13
Thanks for voting!
Hello, My name is Jean. I live in the Oldham area of Lancashire. I am looking for someone with a friendly dog, must have a car, be over 60, like a day out with the dog to the coast or country. I like a glass of wine and enjoy lunch out. Would like to go to a local theatre or show now and again something I don't do at the moment. Sense of Humor.

I am a fairly fit 71, and enjoy all the above.

I would like to hear from anyone who would like to become and friend. Male of Female.

Response from Beauty made on 10th Apr 2019 19:02:35
Hi Jean
Welcome to all of us. Hope you can find a companion with canine on here. I'm too far away from you, way down in SE. However, wish you all the best on here, Beauty
7th Apr 2019 23:38:27
Thanks for voting!
Has anyone been on a workstay
Response from Beauty made on 8th Apr 2019 08:49:07
Hi RayR6
Welcome to the site. Concerning recipes for singletons, Delia Smith's 'One is Fun' is useful and loads of photos to inspire you. It was originally published in the mid-80s, but the recipes are classic. You might be able to pick up a copy in your local charity shop or library....happy eating and cooking.
All the best Beauty.
Response from Baby ladybird made on 9th Apr 2019 22:36:04
Great idea
7th Apr 2019 21:05:30
Thanks for voting!
Hi, I am Ray, widowed and recently joined.
Living in North East Scotland although originate from Hartlepool in the North east of England.
Decided to stay in this part of the world when I left the RAF and now work part time as a Prison Officer.
Member of the local Buffs and do a lot of fundraising for local causes, and also a member of one of the local photography clubs, so the spare time I have is usually taken up with one or the other.

Enjoy doing DIY and since losing my wife I have started to experiment in the kitchen. The only trouble is all the recipes I seem to get are for 4 or 6 people so any advice for singleton recipes would be gratefully received.

Response from Yodama made on 9th Apr 2019 19:39:10
Cooking for singletons can be simple even if you cook for 4 or 6 people Ray. Loads of suggestions on Youtube if you google "cooking for singles."
The problem is that shopping for singles is difficult, everything seems to be packed in family sizes. salads are difficult to keep fresh....however.

If you do make a large amount of- say- cottage pie mix and potatoes, they can be frozen in separate portions. Stews. curries etc will freeze very well.

I have found my freezer to be my best friend, Have a big batch cook day and freeze, it is then easy peasy to just whip out a portion. Saves on time, preparation and power.
Good luck.
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