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10th Feb 2019 19:20:02
Thanks for voting!
Hi all. I'm new to the forum. I'm from Yorkshire.
Response from Northern made on 11th Feb 2019 10:10:03
Hello and welcome Karen68. I’m in the North East
Response from Karen68 made on 11th Feb 2019 20:36:00
Thank you, Northern.
Response from Northern made on 12th Feb 2019 12:31:53
Your welcome. Hope you enjoy the site
Response from NorthernChris made on 12th Feb 2019 14:24:12
Hi Karen. I'm in the north east. Obsessed with music and photography! Happy to chat at any time 🙂
Response from Karen68 made 4 days ago
Thank you.
Response from Karen68 made 4 days ago
Sorry it took so long to reply.
Response from GreginYorkshire made 14 hours ago
Hi Karen. I have just recently joined too. We live in East Yorkshire. Beautiful county
1 days ago
Thanks for voting!
Joined to chat make friends and maybe find someone to travel with.
From Cambridgeshire / East Anglia enjoy being outdoors and taking the world around us.
Be good to hear from people and get to know you.
Response from Beauty made 1 days ago
Hi Smiling_eyes
Welcome to the site......Fingers crossed you'll make some interesting contacts on here. Loads of topics to interest & reply to.
I'm down in the S.E.,, but hopefully you'll find some new pals closer to home. All the best 'Beauty'
11th Mar 2019 20:04:01
Thanks for voting!
Hi I joined to make new friends and hear about their lives and opinions I feel as if I've been sleepwalking through life for years and need to make changes. This is me putting my toe in the water .. I live in the north of England so it's pretty cold !

I enjoy eating out, seeing a show sometimes but mainly a home bird.
Response from Northern made 6 days ago
Hello and welcome Florri. I’m always happy to chat. I’m female, 43. I’m a home bird too. I live in the North East, used to the cold weather now!
Response from Florri made 2 days ago
Thank you for the welcome, the site seems great I'm amazed ! I'll never get used to the cold I'm just a softie lol.
Response from Northern made 1 days ago
I’m glad your enjoying the site Florri. It’s still cold here in Sunderland, but, at least it is sunny. I don’t like the cold either - roll on the nicer, warm weather.
23rd Feb 2019 18:16:48
Thanks for voting!
Hi my name is Miriam and im 70. Its hard to believe where the years have gone! I was a mod in the 60's and still have an active interest in fashion and music. I love travelling around the world and would love to share experiences.
I have been divorced for many years and have a son and daughter and 3 beautiful grandchildren who are a big part of my life as we are all really close.
I have always been drawn to the more spiritual side of life although i have no interest in any organised religion except perhaps buddhism.
My ethnic background is mainly celtic ( welsh/irish).
Thats what my Dna test said anyway lol
Response from Beauty made on 28th Feb 2019 16:39:59
Hi Miriam
Just read your profile. Not sure where you're located? Haven't had a DNA test done yet....just hope I'm human. All the best
Response from Kcfamilyconnections made on 1st Mar 2019 05:48:51
Hi, Miriam! Great to know about your travelling experiences. I would love to hear your stories. Yes, Kids are a lot of fun and require a huge sense of humor. But the grand kids make it all better right?

I am an unashamed Christ follower who stumbles a lot so I probably don't need a DNA test to know I am very human like Beauty said:)
Response from Florri made 2 days ago
Hi Miriam I'd love to hear more about your travel experiences I'm guessing from your profile they weren't the typical package holiday. It's a pity that safety concerns rule out just wandering about in some many parts of the world now.

I'm with you on the organised religion and Buddhist point of view.

I hope you are enjoying the site, get in touch if you would like to chat.
3 days ago
Thanks for voting!
Am in my 70s and run a small guest house in the Scottish Highlands . Broke a leg two years ago and had to give up skiing as a result of complications ! Write travel books and published a collection of short stories last year.
Response from CaroleAH made 3 days ago
Hi RabHaw, welcome to Silversurfers. I got back last Saturday from a super holiday staying at Inversnaid on Loch Lomond and have stayed in Kingussie quite a few times. Also done a lovely cruise from Inverness to Fort William and then round some of the Western Isles (Mull and Iona). According to my family tree I am descended from the McNeil's of Barra which perhaps explains my love of the pipes and drums - Highland Cathedral usually leaves me in tears! 🙂
4 days ago
Thanks for voting!
Response from CaroleAH made 3 days ago
Hi Martbee, welcome to Silversurfers. Loads of friendly people on here and plenty of topics which might interest you. It would be nice to see some photos of Atlanta on the Showcase.
17th Feb 2019 19:38:01
Thanks for voting!
Hi to you all

My wife died recently and I find myself alone at the age of 65. This is not the sort of future I anticipated a year ago. I'm alone in the sense I am the only one in the house now. I have good friends and a loving family but it's not quite a same. I still work - run my own business - and that keeps me occupied a lot of the time. However, I'm used to taking 4 or 5 holidays a year touring mainly England and Wales and I cannot imagine doing that on my own. Truth is I miss female companionship and would dearly love to find someone possibly in the same situation as me to share those holidays with. Maybe just chatting here would be a good place to start.

Response from Beauty made on 17th Feb 2019 20:48:21
Hi UKtraveller
Welcome to ...all of us.
It's a ..../proverbial when you lose the main person in your life.....leaves a total vacuum. Sometimes it feels like you've lost your mind or a major part of you. The intensity diminishes with time, and life does continue. Many of us have experienced something, if you reach out (as you're doing), you'll find someone who understands and can help you through.
Response from Kcfamilyconnections made on 1st Mar 2019 05:55:05
Hello, UK Traveller. Sorry about your loss and the struggles after losing the love of your life. My husband died a few years ago and it still hurts deeply. We were connected at the hip. He was crazy enough to come all the way from Canada to Kansas to fall in love with me and my 8 messed up kids. And yes, holidays are challenging, but you will make it! I will storm the Gates of Heaven for you tonight asking for you to find some relief and make some sense of this all.
Response from SilverBlue made on 8th Mar 2019 22:56:30
Welcome to the site UK traveller, it’s a friendly site and I hope you find p,entymof topics to join in with
8th Mar 2019 06:06:56
Thanks for voting!
I’m new to the site and just saying a warm hello to everyone. I’m sixty one and lost my husband coming up to four years ago now. I gave up work and cared for him for the last six years of his life. I’m now back in the workforce, just part time and it has given me some sort of purpose.

I have a small and caring family but it would be great to chat to people of my own age. I’m interested in all kinds of things; reading, the cinema, music, walking and exploring places ( love an old building! ) and I enjoy getting out and cycling, just for pleasure, no Tour de France
Response from Northern made on 8th Mar 2019 17:39:09
Hello and welcome Daisysmum. Hope you enjoy the site. I’m always happy to chat. I’m female, from the North East. I’m 43, but, as I always say, age is just a number. Anyway..if you want, please feel free to get in touch.
7th Mar 2019 07:14:19
Thanks for voting!
Hello I'm Caroline 52 live in Somerset in a small village. I came from a big city so village life is challenging. I'm hoping to make some connections/friends. I'm creative, interested in everything, I like a giggle and learning new stuff. I live here with my other half but feel very isolated so would be fab to find other people near by or far away if possible to chat with about all sorts. Goodness I don't sound much fun do I ....but I am. Oh and I love music all sorts but especially Jazz.
Response from Northern made on 7th Mar 2019 08:27:09
Hello Caroline. You live in a beautiful part of the country. I live in the North East. I’m 43 and female. I’m always happy to chat, so if you want to get in touch, please do.
Response from Beauty made on 7th Mar 2019 14:19:58
Hi NeillA
Sad to hear that times are tough for you at the moment. It's not easy being an only...when you're the one expected to do everything... Hope you can find some extra reserves of strength from wherever you can. You don't mention where you're based, but there are usually local organisations which can help out.....Have you tried your library for starters...All the best Beauty
6th Mar 2019 15:07:35
Thanks for voting!
I joined earlier this month and this is my first post. I'm hoping find someone local who can help me to find a normal social life away from the increasingly draining end of life care role for my mother. Things get more than a bit hard at times doing that when single and having no siblings.
I do some voluntary work and am a Freemason but often would just like to meet someone for coffee and a chat or a day out not on my own. I'm only 57 and physically quite fit too!
Must get a decent photo of myself on here...
Response from SomersetCaz made on 7th Mar 2019 07:18:02
Oh poor you. I care for my mum but she lives in London so only fortnightly but I could see myself being in your position. Tell me what do you do that you love. Even if it's a little thing. Do you get to listen to music, read books. I was looking forward to getting out of the house today but it's pelting it down with rain ...arrrg. Yes it's true Brist Always talk about the weather
Response from jamie55 made on 7th Mar 2019 14:18:24
Hello SomersetCaz And NeilLA! I don't live in your areas, but can relate to being a full time caregiver! I've done it all my adult life--at first it was not a choice i would go back to do again. My mom was my "teacher" as she was disabled at a young age. Our rough relationship turned into a wonderful friendship. Now that I realize how that bond developed I'm glad I had the opportunity to be there!
7th Mar 2019 14:15:41
Thanks for voting!
Hi SomersetCaz
Great that you've found us.....Hope you can begin to cope with village life, slowly slowly & cautiously. Village life can be a challenge....lived in a small Kentish village in the 80's. Suburbia is far less so...All the best for settling in. Beauty
7th Mar 2019 14:11:50
Thanks for voting!
Hello! I'm Jamie and I have a purpose today. Being many years a caregiver, I have developed a relationship with a female acquaintance of 96 who is quite capable but is now in a situation of having everything done for her. She is depressed, because she feels she has lost value in life. I'm not sure if she is computer savy...I'm up for suggestions. she is home during the day alone, and lives with adult children. i realize group chats are a great outlet. Does anyone else have other options for these situations?
6th Mar 2019 09:21:13
Thanks for voting!
Been a member for a couple of weeks now, but not sure I like the site. So gonna give it a couple more weeks to see how it goes.
Response from Marielis made on 6th Mar 2019 09:49:16
let me know what you think, as I am new to this site myself!
6th Mar 2019 08:30:50
Thanks for voting!
Hi all!
Just joined today! Site seems interesting!
Hope all is well with everyone!
1st Mar 2019 09:48:33
Thanks for voting!
Fairly new here, been dabbling around for a while. But now getting the hang of things, and I can say that Silversurfers is quickly becoming my go to site, it's like a big friendly magazine always available, everyday a new bit and last but not least its free!
Response from CaroleAH made on 1st Mar 2019 10:11:05
Hi SueB, glad to hear that you are enjoying the site. I agree with your sentiments and have found lots of friends on here and so many topics in the forum that are interesting.
Response from SueB412 made on 1st Mar 2019 10:35:24
I think I will be mainly in the books, gardening areas. Also health, I have M. E and had to retire from my job as a teaching assistant,so anything to do with health is good. Food, I like that too! Travel, that's nice. Ha ha most places really. Oh and I really like the Silver Smiles.
Response from Beauty made on 1st Mar 2019 14:52:02
Hi SueB
Welcome to all of us & pleased that you've found all the different topics. Any health issue is a worry, but once you can discuss it with others, it can be reassuring.
Hope you have fun on here.
Response from Northern made on 1st Mar 2019 18:34:00
Hello and welcome SueB412
1st Mar 2019 05:44:26
Thanks for voting!
Hello there! Just new here, dropped in to say hi, and reach out to others and offer them a listening ear. I am blessed with 8 kids and 5 grand kids with one on the way. I live in Kansas-kind of flat lol. But the roller coaster called Life provides the mountains and valleys:) Please share about yourselves. Is anyone here from the US or did I somehow find the tunnel to the UK?
Response from CaroleAH made on 1st Mar 2019 10:25:55
Hi KC - think you have found the tunnel, which is great and I know that there are other people on this site from the USA. Hope you enjoy looking at all the topics in the forum and commenting on things which interest you. If you are a photographer it would be lovely to see some photos of your country on the Showcase. I have to admit that my knowledge of American geography is abysmal so I have Googled Kansas and think that you are more or less in the middle of the country. I live in Yorkshire which is the largest county in England. Wow, eight children - life must have been pretty hectic for you and now you have five grandchildren who, I'm sure, bring you lots of joy. Will look forward to seeing more comments from you in the forum! Carole
27th Feb 2019 23:03:38
Thanks for voting!
Hi joined last week but looks like I joined today. Website is too fussy so I’m afraid as the dragons say “I’m out”. Hope everyone enjoys the website but it’s not for me x
Response from Beauty made on 28th Feb 2019 16:37:57
Hi 'themole'
Love your pic...Pity you didn't stay on here. However, have to say you're right....not the easiest sight to navigate. All the best. Beauty
23rd Feb 2019 17:51:26
Thanks for voting!
Hi My name is Miriam and i live in west london uk. ive just joined the forum today. Im sorry you feel so isolated. Id love to chat to you on this forum and share life experiences
Response from Northern made on 23rd Feb 2019 18:11:04
Hello and welcome.
22nd Feb 2019 23:13:10
Thanks for voting!
Hi just joined soon to be turning 51 looking to chat make new friends
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