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9 hours ago
Thanks for voting!
Hi I'm new here, so not sure where to start chatting
Response from Joe1952 made 2 hours ago
hi Capricorn i'm new also you should just see a reply box at the bottom of this message.
not as daunting as it looks. Joe
9th Oct 2019 19:49:00
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Hi. I’m new to all this but hoping to make some new friends. I moved to Suffolk area 20 months ago and finding it hard to settle. I don’t know anyone in the area so would be good to find someone who’s in a similar situation to meet up with for coffee or even a walk around the shops or even just a chat.
Response from John7453 made 6 days ago
Hi Annette and welcome to the site, I hope that you find some friends to chat with on here, I am from the South East of England, John
Response from PatriciaB96 made 7 hours ago
Good afternoon Annette 54 , welcome to the site, I hope you will make lots of new friends with the same interest as you.
9th Oct 2019 14:31:51
Thanks for voting!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 9th Oct 2019 18:21:22
Good evening komorebi399 to the site , I hope you will make lots of new friends
4th Oct 2019 22:49:57
Thanks for voting!
Good evening Everyone..I have just signed up here...and hope to make some friends..hopefully !!!..I am just into my 70's,but still alive and well and active..and intend remaining so for a long while yet!!..I live on the south coast now,as I am retired.Was from london,where I worked all my working life...I was a casino manager and also worked the casinos on the cruise liners for a couple of years.If any ladies are interested in writing to me..that would be wonderful indeed..
Response from Tr1sh made on 5th Oct 2019 23:53:24
Welcome to the site Alfred.

I find casinos fascinating places. All the different characters and I have never seen so much money simply chucked away on the turn of a dice.
Response from Alfred6 made on 6th Oct 2019 01:37:06
Thank you,Trish...though I am finding it somewhat confusing trying to manoeuvre through to where I want to go....Hrrrmph!!!..will get the hang of it somehow!!!.
To ask,where and which casinos have you been to??...My tenure in them was always in Londons' Mayfair region....and YES...the money "dropped" is truly amazing....£1 million a time was the norm at one of the clubs I was at...
If it is not imposing..please tell me more of yourself...and I will do like-wise...should you ask..
Till then....regards..Al
Response from Tr1sh made on 6th Oct 2019 08:41:32
Hi Alfred

At the top of this page you will see a symbol (similar to a Fleur-de-Lis symbol), it is on the left and just before "Articles" - that will take you to a page layout for the forum and you can scroll through that and see all the different sections, click on whichever interests you.

On the right hand side of every page you go to is a blue tab with a white arrow - click on that and you will see several symbols including quote bubbles which will show if you have any chat messages waiting. The pin symbol below the quotes alerts you to any new comments on threads you have been involved in.

Once I found these two navigational tools, navigating this site became a lot easier.

Good luck 🙂
Response from Alfred6 made on 6th Oct 2019 14:41:18
Thank you,dear
3rd Oct 2019 07:27:53
Thanks for voting!
I just celebrated my 60th birthday and find myself lonely for simple conversation! I take care of my 2 grandkids, who are the light of my life. However, I want a life of my own! I love animals, recently lost my Great Dane Aphrodite, and I have one 14 yr old English foxhound. I can't stand people who don't love animals, and stupid people make me so annoyed. I like dogs more than most people. I love men, but I don't look for dates any more because it's too hard to find one that loves dogs like I do. I would love to make friends for conversation though!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 3rd Oct 2019 18:31:53
Good evening DonnaL71 welcome to the site, I hope you will make lots of new friends with the same interest as you, things can be a bit slow , but you may think it's worth it .
25th Jul 2019 16:17:24
Thanks for voting!
Good morning everyone, new at this so bare with me. I live in Missouri enjoy the outdoors, lake life especially ! I'm 60 made it this far thankfully. Just thinking about retirement around the corner figured I should try to be more social.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 25th Jul 2019 18:23:41
Good evening Don5x5 welcome to an intellectual site , I hope you make many friends .
Response from Beauty made on 25th Jul 2019 19:23:31
Way to go, Don5 x 5
Hope the site meets your sociability criteria......
Response from Yodama made on 25th Jul 2019 22:15:18
Hello Don.
You are welcome to chat away, nice social people here. Just to remember the time difference, perhaps you are 5 hours behind,
Looking forward to your posts.
Response from Erinanna made on 27th Jul 2019 09:35:20
I live in San Diego. Just joined in here today. How are you doing?
Response from DonnaL71 made on 3rd Oct 2019 07:36:35
Hi! I need more social too I spend most of my time with my grandkids! Nice to meet you Don
1st Oct 2019 01:28:21
Thanks for voting!
Hello to everyone. I am new to this and by this I mean using a forum so please be kind, I am retired
for about 5 and a transplant to Georgia. (Could not deal with the cold weather and snow any more). Anyway again hello to all.
Response from DonnaL71 made on 3rd Oct 2019 07:30:54
Hi ! I'm new too, looking for some conversation, my 4 legged babies can't talk back
3rd Oct 2019 07:22:30
Thanks for voting!
2nd Oct 2019 08:45:04
Thanks for voting!
Hi everyone
I’m new here and would like to say hello and am looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying Silversurfers!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 2nd Oct 2019 13:49:08
Good afternoon Alison A7 welcome to the site , I hope you will make some new friends with the same interest as you.
Response from Ward made on 2nd Oct 2019 23:45:58
Hi Alison

What’s medium are you interest in?
I like acrylics for its ease of use.
Ive dabbled in oils and water colour
I also like digital manipulation I’ve spent many years in photoshop, having a photographic background & recently had a bash at film editing and compositing,
It was fun I will do more when inspired.
What subjects would you like to paint?
Have you considered evening classes?
30th Sep 2019 00:36:22
Thanks for voting!
Hello out there. I'm a newbie looking for intelligent conversation. I live in the California desert with my two German Shepherd/Mastiff dogs, am a semi-retired professor, and enjoy the challenges of gardening in a desert environment. Love to cook, enjoy sipping good red wine with company, and gazing at the stars in the dark desert sky.
Response from Beauty made on 30th Sep 2019 17:24:59
Hi 'PL' As we're all going to be subject to global warming, would be interested to hear about your garden. I'm in 'leafy' (so far) Surrey, UK, but who knows what will happen...
Response from Ward made on 2nd Oct 2019 23:30:27
Hi PL I am interested in what is your field of expertise?
I considered being a professor but I continually swallowed my swizzle!:)

In your planting are your plans to harvest water for irrigation or only use desert species?

I designed my garden after I got it back from my children 7 years ago, I went for plants from around the world with similar climate, this freed me up to enjoy my garden as well as have time to explore other pastimes.
I live central UK I cannot be more centre each step leads me to the cost which is at least 100 miles in any one direction & I love the sea, not ideal but I make the most of when I am their , fishing off of my boat or my uncles boats or surfing at Fistral
How old are your dogs?
I have two Lucus terriers Holly 15yrs & Pip whose 5yrs
They are great company ok the conversation is a little one sided for sure I can tell they wished they could say more, I am just relieved the can’t when we have company:)

I cannot guarantee an intelligent conversation, although I am a good listener!

I hope you reply

27th Sep 2019 16:32:53
Thanks for voting!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 27th Sep 2019 21:27:32
Good evening aliuk68 welcome to the site .
27th Sep 2019 18:10:21
Thanks for voting!
This site is so frustrating!

You need a compass sextant and a degree in IT

To complicated

Just have a wall! Why try to reinvent the wheel the wheel only really worked when someone invented the second one!

There is a reason the break is in the middle of the pedals and we have a H shaped gearbox selector


The few hairs I have left are not going to be happy soon!

I’ll have another bash
22nd Sep 2019 22:08:01
Thanks for voting!
Hi my name is Michael I just joined silver surfers I feel like a bit of a old fogey up against all you youngsters . I live in Lincolnshire have two grown up girls and two grandchildren.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Sep 2019 18:36:45
Good evening MDBV welcome to the site , I hope you make lots of new friends , with the same I treat as you .
Response from MDBV made on 23rd Sep 2019 20:37:23
Thank you Patricia
Response from shaz1965 made on 27th Sep 2019 00:30:10
Hi Michael Im also new around here. I have three grown children and five grandbabies. Im still getting to know this site and find my way around it.
25th Sep 2019 17:54:49
Thanks for voting!
Hello my name is Edward & I am a new Silver Surfer, that sounds like the start of an AA meeting, well I am hoping It’s the start of many interesting experiences, making friends & having a laugh, we will see.

I have had to put as my “goes by” as Ward, as Ed, Edward & Woody have been taken and Bugger lugs! Wasn’t excepted, So please call me any of the above.

I have lots of interest, I wouldn’t describe myself as opinionated, in 4 words I would describe myself as: Handsome, Fit & Wonderful and a complete lire!

I have been on what I would described as the proclaimers diet, walking approximately 7 miles a day, most days, since September the 3rd, I am happy, in fact I am impressed with myself for walking that far with my two Lucus terriers, at my side, my neighbours are not so impressed as I have been returning home each day!
But that’s another story

Do more eat less, 267 miles traveled 123 miles to go before I walk 500 more.

The eating side of the diet, consist of everything I’ve eaten before but now no seconds or thirds a definitely no puddings.

I am breathing better, standing taller, and I am keen to do more, which hasn’t always been the way, as before September the 3rd I didn’t record the mileage as it was a struggle!

So I gather my thoughts whilst I walk, sometimes I do that well other times I should start the walk again!

Thank you for excepting me on the Silversurfers

I will have a look at this speakers corner, if it’s all about Britain leaving Europe it would be interesting to see where you all would like to put it, personally off the coast of Portugal would suit me find, as it would be a little warmer in the winter & I wouldn’t have to adjust my watch!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 25th Sep 2019 19:23:57
Good evening ward welcome to the site , I hope you make lots of new friends with the same interest as you .
Response from Tr1sh made on 25th Sep 2019 20:14:21
I Googled "Lucas terrier" - so cute!
Response from Ward made on 26th Sep 2019 09:09:00
Hi Trish

Sorry, I am trying to get my head around this site, was hoping to show you an image or two of my girls, well I say my girls, I don’t know who’s they are, Holly as been following me by my side for 15 years now.Shame I can’t just post an image.
You are so very correct, cute.
Have you dogs?
Response from Tr1sh made on 26th Sep 2019 12:59:46
The Showcase is for photos but I haven't posted any so no idea how you do it.

I would love to adopt a rescue dog but it will have to wait until I retire and have more time. I don't want to be one of those people who leave a dog home alone all day. Great that you are able to take your dogs on your walk, I bet they love getting out and about. I have a friend who works for a company where they can take their dogs into work, wish my employers would allow that!

Hope you are finding your way around the site.
Response from shaz1965 made on 27th Sep 2019 00:28:21
Hiya Ward, Im also new to this site, hope you are finding your way around it okay as it doesn't appear to be the easiest. Anyhow I was reading your post and about the amount of walking you are doing....this is my plan at the moment, I need to lose some weight and tone up, so I need to increase these steps. I walk my two dogs but tbh it does surprise me some days how low my steps can be, probably due to the fact I have a desk job. 🙁 I don't think I would manage your 7 miles however lol
21st Sep 2019 17:51:50
Thanks for voting!
I'm new too. I'm 66, married and retired since 2013. Looking forward to reading what others are doing and joining in conversations (once I get my head round the site!)
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 22nd Sep 2019 14:23:47
Good afternoon and welcome to the site , I hope you will make lots of new friends here , moiraC8 .
Response from MoiraC8 made on 22nd Sep 2019 18:32:11
Thank you Patricia
19th Sep 2019 16:55:56
Thanks for voting!
Hi, I'm also new here....married and retired @ 68. Also looking to read what others are doing.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 19th Sep 2019 18:59:56
Good evening and welcome to the site , I hope you will like it on here .
8th Sep 2019 20:34:30
Thanks for voting!
Hi, im Glynda. Semi-retired. Widowed. Looking to meet new people. Make new friends.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 8th Sep 2019 20:47:49
Good evening GlyndaE welcome to this site , I hope you make lots of friends with the same intrest as you
Response from GlyndaE made on 9th Sep 2019 14:32:07
Thank you. Look forward to chatting
8th Sep 2019 14:47:40
Thanks for voting!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 8th Sep 2019 20:50:03
Good evening Tricia774 , welcome to this site , I hope you like it here and !make some new friends with the same interest as you.
Response from Len33 made on 9th Sep 2019 13:01:18
Hello, Tricia774
I'm Len.
I've not been a member of Silversurfers for very long.
Have you got any hobbies or ideal ways to spend your spare time and relax?
31st Aug 2019 10:43:17
Thanks for voting!
Good morning ! Is there anyone else on here from South Devon? It is a bit grey and drizzly today
Response from CaroleAH made on 31st Aug 2019 13:15:39
Pouring down in North Yorkshire!
24th Aug 2019 16:48:08
Thanks for voting!
Hello everyone and I am glad to meet you. Working as a teacher in Devon was lovely but on retiring I moved back north as I am now single. Children and grandchildren are strangers now but I have my allotment, painting and drawing. I enjoy days away in B&Bs and after one trip to Italy I fell in love with the place. One of my fellow allotment folk is Italian and I am trying to learn the language. Phew! Hard work at 71. I am fit but not that fit and I would sooner stare at the surf now as my surfing days are long past.
Growing my own food is pleasant just before joining here I was shelling Barlotti beans in the sunshine although being fair skinned I am easily burnt.
Laughter would be nice as it is in short supply these days.
Thank you for getting this far and I hope to read about your hopes and dreams.
Response from SilverBlue made on 25th Aug 2019 10:25:52
Welcome to the site, lots of interesting people to chat with and plenty of topics to comment on. Good luck with the Italian and the allotment.
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