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1 days ago
Thanks for voting!
I've just joined this Forum and I am not sure how it works yet so thought I'd start by introducing myself.

I 62 and have been retired for 2 years. I am a Scot living in Scotland. I enjoy travelling, reading, walking, music ( going to Gigs and Festivals ). I do some voluntary work to use the skills I built up in my career and because I think I still have something to offer.

I find the Winter months quite difficult since I retired and long for Spring.
Response from Beauty made 5 hours ago
Hi 'AuldQuine' Welcome to the site. Which part of Scotland are you living in? Winter can be beautiful with its' contrasts of sky & trees, but sadly, the days are too short, even down here in the south. Hope you find some new friends to chat to on here.
18 hours ago
Thanks for voting!
Hello to all newbies and regulars. I recently joined Silver Surfers and have enjoyed surfing the different posts. I am happy I found this clean chat site.
Response from Beauty made 5 hours ago
Hi 'Karmen' Welcome to all of us....If' you're ever UK bound, would be delighted to hear from you. I'm not too far from Heathrow airport, so that might be a plus...All the best on here
29th Nov 2019 17:55:05
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I am just about to be 60 and lest a job this month after 35 years - its certainly been a strange few weeks but no complaints so far. Certainly more time and have been trying to do more fitness. I live in Birmingham UK. How have others coped with this transition?
21st Nov 2019 14:14:18
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I’m retired and have never used this type of communication before so I would be interested in how to get going. I live in Breezy Brighton, enjoy reading Shakesphere, country and western music and horse racing.
16th Nov 2019 19:41:13
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Hi to all hope all are keeping as well as can be this evening. Just joined thought I would say hi to all. Not sure how this works yet
Response from edna made on 19th Nov 2019 09:55:30
Same here, and not sure how it works. If you read this have a great day and take care.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 19th Nov 2019 16:29:40
Good evening and welcome to the site , I hope you make lots of friends with the same interest as you .
17th Nov 2019 11:26:33
Thanks for voting!
I am new here, I am 64 and retired cuz of my hearing loss and sickness from it . I am from Canada , I have 3 children and 4.5 grandchildren, I don’t have anyone really to talk to in the real world so I thought I would try here
Response from Cynlou54 made on 17th Nov 2019 11:27:12
I am 54 not 64
Response from Baileybird11 made on 17th Nov 2019 12:29:48
Hello Cynlou54, Nice to meet you. My name is Babs, I'm 65 years of age and live in Manchester UK. It would be nice to chat if you are up for it!
17th Nov 2019 09:41:17
Thanks for voting!
Hello everyone, just introducing myself and getting to know the site.
Response from Yodama made on 17th Nov 2019 11:47:05
Hello Orchid, welcome here, lot's to interest you ...probably! 😉
14th Nov 2019 20:40:21
Thanks for voting!
Hello from South Yorkshire. I'm 62 years young, retired, have an allotment and a beautiful rescue dog. My mobility has taken a knock over the last year so I'm having to amend my hobbies and social life which is frustrating at times. I'm looking at buying an ebike. Wondered if anyone has any advice? Would love to chat to anyone, not just about ebikes though.
12th Nov 2019 03:36:01
Thanks for voting!
Hello from California!

Looking to find some online friends to expand my circle and meet people from other places. I'm a 56 year old woman, a still-working single mom, who thought she was an empty-nester but maybe not...I've got 2 kids trying to find their place in this very complex world and home is sanctuary so they seem to come back from school for plenty of visits 🙂 My home is small but a sanctuary of twinkling lights and some wonderful animals.
Hope I can connect with people for some good conversation because this is the last time I'm signing up for anything where I have yet another login and password to remember.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 13th Nov 2019 10:57:43
Good morning ellef2019 welcome to the site there are many people here from all over the world , I hope you will make lots of new friends here
12th Nov 2019 21:53:28
Thanks for voting!
Hello fellow and fellowesses I hope someone out there may be able to help me and a good friend of mine.
Back in 1966 or 67 a young lady from Sheffield went on holiday to Ostend, there she met a young man called Ian from Balham. After the holiday they not only stayed in touch by letter, tslephone calls etc., but also made visits to each other, she to Balham him to Sheffield. Unfortunately the young ladies mum became seroously ill and what with the stress and the necessity of caring theit relationship broke down, obviously the distance between them didn't help.
The young lady is now in her seventies and her memory is somewhat vague, sometimes a bit more lucid than other times. She remembers Ian's dad was a policeman but at the time of writing this that's about it.
From what she has said I know she would dearly like to know if Ian iß OK and deep down I think she would like to possi ly see him again.
With so little information I know it will be pretty impossible for anyone to help find her Ian but I'm a born optimist.
7th Nov 2019 05:15:11
Thanks for voting!
hi trying something new make new friends maybe I live in Colorado but grew up a farm gal in Kansas I have a great sense of humor will welcome chat with anyone as long as you keep it clean
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 7th Nov 2019 21:19:00
Good evening and welcome to the site , I hope you will meet new friends here
Response from ellef2019 made on 12th Nov 2019 03:47:51
Hi InaE! I'm new here as well, and also from the West. I, too have a pretty good sense of humor so perhaps we will talk more as we each get to the know the site!
11th Nov 2019 18:58:36
Thanks for voting!
10th Nov 2019 22:15:18
Thanks for voting!
I am new here hi to all'

I am a married 57 year old with 5 grown up adult 2 boys 3 girls I have lots of health problems I was very premature at birth weighing only 1 pound 13 oz I went down to a pound in weight I hope I can find friends and support on this sight as I surely need it Belive me.

Response from PatriciaB96 made on 11th Nov 2019 17:52:30
Good evening Dolphin500 , welcome to the site , I hope you make lots of new friends with the same interest as you
10th Nov 2019 08:55:29
Thanks for voting!
Hi can anyone help please I have had two emails saying that I have private messages but I can’t find them when I log into m6 chat? Thanks.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 10th Nov 2019 14:26:04
Good afternoon , on the side line there a little tab with 4 parts push on tab and your message bit will come up and your be able to read it
7th Nov 2019 02:09:44
Thanks for voting!
Hi, i'm a 62 yo male. recently bereaved and have become almost housebound no family few friends in the area . everybody seemed to desert me after losing wife and becoming ill.
this is the first time I've ever used a chat room. just looking for online friends and chats my story is recently a sad one but I;m not a sad person but have become quite lonely .
I have decided to only tell my story once and then move on.
I have my own place and a faithfull happy 2yo yorkie terrier which i'm sure has saved my life a few times.
so I hope I have not crossed any lines in this chat room, if I have my apologies from a real newbie.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 7th Nov 2019 19:01:19
Good evening tommy , I'm so sorry for your loss , we are reasonable nice people here , it may take time for folk to answer , take care enjoy your day
Response from Yodama made on 7th Nov 2019 20:52:47
Hello Tommy.
Sad that you have lost your wife, I do hope you are managing to cope okay.
No platitudes from me, but to invite you to get involved with the people on these forums.
Post pictures, write poems or whatever it is that interests you. Loads of different subjects for you to comment on or join in. Speakers corner is pretty active as a rule.

I joined in 2016 because I was so lonely and needed to connect with another human being, Silversurfers has been a godsend.
It helped me to come out of my shell and step out into the real world to find others to connect with.

I do hope you can find the same impetus.
Magic words are...jump in and join us all.
See you on the forums.
Response from Tr1sh made on 7th Nov 2019 21:38:18
Very sad times for you Tommy, dreadful having to come to terms with life after losing someone so close especially when you feel you have little or no support but a good sign that you are reaching out to other people.

The best way, I think, to participate in the forum is explore and have a look at the different sections. As Yodama has mentioned above, there is Speakers Corner where you can give your opinions on items in the news but there is also The Showcase where members post their stories and poems.

I think this site is more like a magazine than just a forum. There are a lot of sections to explore.

Look to the right of your screen and note the white arrow in the blue box - if you click on that, it will help you to find your way around.

The private chat by the way isn't a chat room, it is private messaging where you can send messages to other forum members just to say hello or chat.
3rd Nov 2019 13:05:25
Thanks for voting!
Hello, I'm retiring in the next few months so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm quite confused about what I'm going to do when I retire!! Does anyone else feel like this?

I'm now working part-time for a social impact project to improve life post retirement. If it's also something you care about, please complete this survey and maybe we can collaboratively improve our lives when we 'retire'?

Response from Yodama made on 3rd Nov 2019 17:07:01
Don't sweat the small stuff Harry, you will find your days can be quite full.
You can be busy with the luxury of not being forced to be busy ( does that make sense? 😉 )

It is a change but a good one, chuck out that alarm clock for starters.
Good luck on transitioning.
21st Oct 2019 18:11:57
Thanks for voting!

I’m new to the site but having moved to Stafford a few weeks ago I thought I would give this a go. I hope I’m not breaching the etiquette of the forum by saying although I’m happy to chat online I would like to use this as a way of meeting people ‘face to face’.
Response from CaroleAH made on 21st Oct 2019 19:13:18
Hi Edward,
Welcome to Silversurfers! I don't see why it might be a breach of etiquette to say that you would like to meet other Silversurfers face to face. I hope that you manage to meet lots of interesting people and if you join in with a few of the posts on the Forum you will, hopefully find like-minded individuals. Good Luck 🙂
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 21st Oct 2019 19:30:43
Good evening Edward and welcome to the site, I hope you will make lots of new friends with the same interest as you
Response from CynthiaL3 made on 2nd Nov 2019 13:52:03
Hi PatriciaB! You seem to be to local greeter so I thought I would just hop in here and introduce myself. I'm new here as well and this isn't quite what I was hoping for. I was hoping for live chat, not sending emails back and forth. I get lonely and was hoping to engage in some conversation. I guess this will have to do. I hope everyone is having a nice beginning of November. Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour on Saturday before bed!
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