How do you receive your TV?
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Do you still use the traditional rooftop aerial? Or perhaps you've got SKY. Or maybe you use Freeview or Freesat. I gave up on Sky some years ago because I was paying almost £60 per week to watch the same old programmes repeated over and over again. With the basic box which most people had. I couldn't record or save anything and had to pay extra for certain channels and ALL HD channels! I now have Freesat. No fees. Over 200 channels including HD. And with my particular receiver box, I can record 2 channels simultaneously whilst watching a 3rd!
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A D.I.Y. TV aerial
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I recently bought a little 7″ freeview TV. For the aerial it had a small stand with a piece of wire attached which didn’t work at all well. So, I decided to dig out my old textbooks and make myself an aerial. I got a piece of brass curtain rod, and cut two 12.5cm lengths. I put them onto a garden cane, so that they almost touched, and glued them to keep them in position. Then I found a piece of coax cable, with a plug on one end. I fixed the inner wire and the outer sheath to the middle ends of the two pieces of curtain rod. (You can do this by soldering, or by drilling two small holes and putting in a couple of self tapping screws.) It rests on top of our Guinea pigs cage in the conservatory, and gives us good TV pictures on all channels. You need to check if the TV signal in your area is vertically or horizontally polarised by looking at the other TV aerials nearby. Then point your aerial in the right direction. Its a con that so many people in our area have had brand new rooftop aerials to get the Freeview channels.
Should we start a petition to get TV manufacturers to simplify remote controls for our televisions?
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Is it just me or are TV remote controls over complicated, especially for the older generation? My mother suffers from dementia, and really struggles with operating her TV. She has 2 controls; one for the TV operation, and the other for her set top Digital box, which she needs to be able to continue using her TV since the digital switchover. She struggles to comprehend how they both work together, and ends up unable to watch television because it is over complicated. With our aging population, is it time for us to insist that TV manufactures give us a choice between very simple controls, with a limited number of buttons (on/off, volume, channel choice)?? What do you think?