What is....? What if....? Why....?
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How do you answer an eight year old boy who asks "what is a nuclear bomb?" "will they send one to us?" "will we all die?". I'm so sad, no, heartbroken that a young child even has this all in his mind, that he might be going to bed trying to make sense of this evil world we live in. How would you reply if you'd have been in my shoes? I felt sick inside, but answered as best I could telling him that a lot of countries have the bomb but nobody would dare be the first to set it off. It looks like a feeble answer seeing it in print
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Any ideas for a present for an 18th birthday?
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What are grandparents gifting to an 18 year old grandson these days. Our grandson is in Australia and we would like to give him something other than money but have no idea what things are relevant these days.
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Should ear-piercing be banned for babies?
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There is a petition which has already been signed by over 36,000 people, asking the Children’s Minister, Edward Timpson, to set a minimum age requirement for the ear piercing of babies and toddlers. The view is that ear piercing in babies and toddlers is a form of child cruelty and the severe pain inflicted upon infants is unnecessary. “It serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parent’s vanity. Other forms of physically harming children are illegal – this should be no different.” Supporters have left comments calling childhood ear piercing abusive, vain and unnecessary. What are your views? How would you feel if your baby grand-daughter had her ears pierced? Is it cute or cruel? Do you think there should be a minimum age? Should exceptions be made for different cultural beliefs? https://www.silversurfers.com/speakers-corner/ear-piercing-banned-babies/
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What is your view on dummies for babies or toddlers. If you are not very keen on them, would you express your view to your daughter or daughter-in-law?
Relationship break downs
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Family wars often result in the grandparent-grandchild relationship being fractured. This can be enormously upsetting as well as disruptive for the children involved, it’s also worryingly common. What experience have you had of this?
Are you a Grandparent?
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How old were you when you first became a grandparent and did you feel ready for the role?
Top tips!
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What three top tips would you give to a friend of yours who has recently become a grandparent?