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Over 50s today –They have; Health, Wealth, Time and Influence

Todays over 50s are healthier, wealthier and have more time and influence than ever before. They hold over 80% of the UK's wealth and they have the time and energy to spend it. By 2020 the over 50s will make up 50% of the adult population, they are increasingly doing everything online and are a major influence on ageing parents and children.

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The Silversurfers community was launched in 2014 to offer the over 50s a safe, trusted, entertaining and friendly place to interact with each other and to find the latest information relevant to Travel, Health, Finance and Lifestyle. We are now the largest and most influential online social media community for the +50s in the UK.

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Silversurfers is independent, trusted and engaging. Over 80% of our members are aged between 50-64 and 75% are female. If the over 50s are your target audience we can help you to reach them.

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