I wonder if anyone can offer me any advice please? I need a new start in life, but I am stuck not knowing how to make this happen. I am not at all happy living in a lonely miserable existence with no company and no social groups anywhere for miles around the area I live in, which is West Lancashire. I have a house which has been on the market now for 2 years, not even one viewing let alone a buyer and my work has dried up and I am not earning and I fear having my home repossessed. I contacted several of these quick cash sale house buyers, but they won’t even offer me enough to clear the hefty remaining mortgage let alone give me the asking price which would finance a move, it it sold for the price it is on the market for. So I am stuck. I have no supportive family now and no friends local to me, people round me are hostile and insular, and not helpful. I am based in the UK, and I was thinking about moving to the Lake District until the recent flooding which has put me off. The point of wanting to sell up and move is to move to an area where I have a chance of work, and meeting friendly people to have some much craved company, but I am not sure where to find this, either in the UK or overseas. I would have to rent a home as I would not get another mortgage at my age (58). So what I am looking for is work in a nice friendly area, nice home to rent, affordable rent, and a place safe from flooding and a high crime rate. Does anyone on here have any ideas or contacts which could be a solution? I am not afraid of hard work or long hours. Thanks millions, Kaz XX
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