Places we've been
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Hi all, I'm starting this topic so we can all tell each other about interesting places we've been, or close to where we live? I did start a similar topic a few days ago, but it's a bit buried in the photographic section, not where many people will see it, so decided to bring this one to a place that's easier ti be seen. the idea is that because the members on this site cover the whole of the UK and probably the world ? I think it would be nice to have a topic that covers the hole area, so even if we don't travel very far, we can still see the places through the eyes of other members, and if you really feel generous , you put some photo's of places in the photo section, most NOT all of us, live in a routine of what we do and where we go, not always knowing where to goes lets spread our knowledge of places throughout the country with each other. I hope this topic will be popular, and get lots of members interested.....
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