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16th Jan 2020 21:35:23
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In the U.S., getting a rescue dog is considered admirable, and animal organizations encourage it. I know the Brits love their purebreds. Do shelters and other rescue places encourage people to adopt adult dogs/mixed breeds? I have two rescue a purebred dachshund (we found him running down a busy street and couldn't find his owners) and a small mixed breed from the SPCA. I have nothing against pure breeds, but I keep reading horror stories about inbreeding and severe health problems. I hope I don't sound judgmental, I am just curious.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 16th Jan 2020 21:50:54
Good evening , I have always had rescue dogs , mine at the moment is a Stafford bull terrier mix , most loving animal you could think possible .
27th Oct 2019 02:42:33
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Hi my name is Lori and I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel (housetrained), that has suddenly started bringing in his poop.
First time I've ever seen a dog do this?
He's not bringing it in to me, and he's not eating it.
He just brings it and puts it on the rug?
If someone has some insight or had this happen please let me know!!!
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 27th Oct 2019 13:13:51
Good afternoon , maybe its nice a cat , that brings in her or his first kill , perhaps your dog trying to tell you something .
20th Sep 2019 12:02:20
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I have a collie cross kelpie called Rupert he is there years old and not to sure about some dogs we meet while out walking .
16th Sep 2019 10:21:43
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I have 2 Cavaliers, 4 and 6. Had to wait until retired to have dog as worked in London. They get me up and out each morning and always feel better after walk. The elder is a real scrounger, telling everyone he needs a treat. I was out Friday afternoon and evening so they were with my daughter and he really disgraced himself by taking dog biscuits off the bottom shelf of a pushchair. He is bad but lovely!
Response from shaz1965 made on 19th Sep 2019 22:34:35
Hi Tricia, I have two dogs, both cavachons which is the cavalier and bichon mix....mines have totally different is just turned 3 and the other is 2.5
10th Sep 2019 16:47:45
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Hi all I have a Heinz dog whom I adore when my partner passed it was him that got me back into. Life again . The unconditional love of a faithful dog is second to non . When People that say they do not like dogs I feel their souls have yet to be fully awake . The pleasure I get from walking my boy watching him play with the other dog makes me smile every day janet
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 10th Sep 2019 18:30:20
Good evening , that's absolutely I feel about my staffie phoebe , she's so lovely , also dogs can be more loving than people , they don't judge .

Response from Dippydig made on 11th Sep 2019 13:59:13
Hi Patrica looking forward to sit in the evenings and chat. If you are about . Still working my way around this site
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 11th Sep 2019 21:27:19
Yes that be fine , I am about up to about 10.30 , enjoy your evening .
19th Aug 2019 13:54:06
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I have 3 furbabies, 11 yr old male chihuahua, 3 almost 4 yr old female chihuahua and last but certainly not least is my almost 1 yr old female chipoo.
19th Aug 2019 09:35:18
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I have a 14 year old terrier cross called Mollie, named after a very feisty Irish cousin. Moll has been fantastic and when my husband died she really helped me through it. She's getting on now and has a heart murmur but with medication that seems to be better, fingers crossed. We have such fun together and as I write books on walks, she features in all my books!
14th Aug 2019 01:05:23
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My 7 y.o Bichon has been housetrained for years but has started intermittently to poo in the house.
I went back to crate training and he was always perfect. He’ll be fine for weeks and then do it even though we have a doggy door to enclosed back yard. Any ideas on how to stop a dog who knows it is wrong but doesn’t care?
10th Jul 2019 21:33:31
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Good evening , I have a small dog , shes a Stafford bull terrier mix , age 6 and she is a rescue dog , her old owners used her as a breeding machine , poor thing didn't know what a ball was when I got her , now its been 2 years and 5 months since I have had her , most loving and effection dog I could have , absolutely lovely .
13th Mar 2019 22:17:53
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Hi everyone - I've a Scottie (Mmmmm) This is my third Scottie and they are all different. I thought this would be a friend for a 17 year old Westie who still plays and grumbles as you do at that age. Anyway, the Scotties name is Arti and he's 20 months old. He's wonderful in doors loves everyone - But, out walking he wants to kill! Has anyone any tips that might help - he's not neutered as yet? I don't let him off the lead (we are not a popular pair) and he wears a muzzle. I've tried finding a training class - but for some reason no-one replies to my pleas of desperation. I sing when he goes mad and walk smartly by everyone on the other side of the road, (having stumbled through raging traffic with dog dangling killing the lead) so its not me giving off negative vibrations I don't think. I'm not giving up - there must be a way?
28th Mar 2018 13:15:47
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Hi, I have 2 dogs a 13yr old collie..Bud and a small terrier,11yr old..Pixie. both rescue dogs. I've had Bud 7 years now and what a loving gentle boy he is. Pixie has been with me for 18mths and pure energy. old Bud is starting to struggle with his back legs but half a paracetamol 250mg and some kippers every morning is doing wonders for him. He has cateracts and I will get them done for him as long as he can get about. I hope it's a long way off yet but I do plan to adopt another older dog just to give him/her some comfort in old age.
Response from Lionel made on 28th Mar 2018 16:07:01
Hello ChunkyBud, yeah, I'm a dog man too! Got 3 Border Collies, a blue merle boy of 14, a black bitch of 13 and their son a seal of 11. My merle boy had a stroke on October 9th around midnight. After a few days of feeling sorry for himself his old joy of life began to return and we could work with him to get him right again. Six months on and, although he's a little bit weak in the back legs, otherwise he is his old self.

I've had Collies all my adult life, worked them when I was a shepherd and the rest were house dogs. My merle boy is THE dog for me. Never known a dog be so intuitive, so full of fun as this one. In the home he's a pure beggar and needs to be reminded he's the dog of the house, not me!
Response from Tulabelle made on 24th Aug 2018 19:29:21
Hello Chunkybud!

One of my miniature Schnauzers has a problem with one of his back legs. The vet says it is likely to be a trapped nerve, and suggested some Supervet style treatment on his spinal discs. I have declined because he is elderly (12), has a good quality of life and doesn't seem to be in any pain. I was interested to read that you give Bud a dose of paracetamol each day - I didn't know that you could give this to dogs. And the kippers too. I wonder why this regime gas been so successful?
24th Aug 2018 19:22:15
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I have had dogs around me all my life and could not imagine being without them. At the moment I have four Miniature Schnauzers and a Golden Retriever. One of my minis, a pepper and salt boy, is 12 years old and has had an underactive thyroid gland since he was four. He has to rake a form of thyroxine every day. If there's anyone out there who loves Schnauzers or Goldens, then do get in touch.
25th Jan 2018 16:08:43
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Hi I'm new to this site, which appears to be a UK site. I live in Coastal Maine, USA. I'm 71 and have been retired for about 20 years. We have eight dogs: two retired racing Greyhounds, a very old Yorkie, an elderly Schnauzer mix and four Chihuahuas. All except the Yorkie are rescue dogs. We have had English Mastiffs for many years, but our last two died a couple of years ago. When I was younger, I did a great deal of racing Greyhound rescue and placement when the movement was new in the U.S. and I might add that having seen what goes on behind the scenes, I am adamantly opposed to Greyhound racing. The loving, gentle dogs make wonderful pets and may be the easiest dogs ever to live with. Oh, we also have three cats. Love all animals.
Dana L Sanderlin
30th Dec 2017 20:17:36
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22nd Oct 2017 05:42:00
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Hi all I just love all animals period. I live in a very rural community I have 4 labs and an ever ebb and flow of cats and kittens that just seem to show up. I do rehome many of the cats and kittens but have my favorites who stick around as kinda feral to others but me. From the age of six I always had a cat or 2 and thought myself a die hard cat person till I dated this one guy who had a lab cross. I was hooked and went and got a lab of my own. From the moment I met my dear girl she followed me every were we were rarely apart until the day she died. I sadly had to put her to sleep. It was the right thing to do for her but the very hardest thing I had to do. As everyone knows doing the right thing is never easy. I mourned her passing for 4 years. I couldn't speak of her or say her name without at the very least shedding a tear more often I would go off to have myself a good cry. As time went on the tears lessened until one day I realised I could remember all the wonderful times we shared. I will miss my special girl to my own dying day but feel honored and blessed and grateful she was in my life.
We share our lives with these amazing beings, who love us unconditionally, protect us without question, comfort us when we hurt and rejoice with us on our best days. I honestly can't think of to many other beings who have been in my life that shared their lives so openly and asking so little in return like my girl. It stands to reason that we would mourn the loss. In a way we honor our friends by acknowledging the very and deep bond we shared and it's loss in our life.
Allow yourself to mourn, do what ever you feel you need to do to deal with the loss and take as much time as you need to get to the day were your memory's bring a smile to your face instead of tears.
The poem rainbow bridge helped / helps me hopefully it will help you my thoughts are with you.
10th Sep 2017 17:32:39
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hardest day of my life last week,had to put to sleep my beloved gsd...the vet said it was the kindest thing to do...but it doesn't feel that way...I have had a front line job all my life,even seen death in the military,but this is so much different....I had to make the decision and I feel guilty and heartbroken.time is a healer,but for now,there is no very sad.
Response from georgesmum made on 10th Sep 2017 18:17:40
So sad ....and all us dog people will understand how you are feeling right now. It is a very distressing time, especially when you have to make that final decision to let your beloved pet go.
I had to do this recently and although my dog was 17 and was blind and deaf I still felt guilty despite knowing that it was the right thing to do.....a horrible experience but as all pet owners know , it is usually an inevitable part of the process.
Our thoughts are with you soldierbloo.
Response from Lionel made on 10th Sep 2017 22:36:07
Soldierbloo, I sit where you sit this night. You're so right to be sad. Our dogs are our best friends, so loyal, so trustworthy ... I know, I've had Collies all my adult life. Got three elderly Collies here tonight.

Let the tears flow mate, get a little drunk, it does help, beggar what anyone thinks of you, only you know your heart towards your dog, your closest friend.

There's a vacant space in your home tonight, I know there is.

Yes, time heals, you're right, but sometimes it's bloody difficult getting there.

Soldierbloo, let it all hang out tonight and tomorrow - there's no shame.

As said, get a little drunk, cry a lot, there's no shame in that either, and, well mate, begin to think of the next dog you want.

I'll ask you a favour, mate. When these dark hours have passed, come back on Silver Surfers. Find me, I'd love to talk with you about whatever.

With a lot of understanding

7th Aug 2017 19:10:20
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I thought long and hard before getting my dog, but 3 years on, I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is a border terrier with all the terrier characteristics except chasing other small animals, he's a pacifist dog. My partner and I take him everywhere with us, we are now experts on dog friendly hotels and areas. I never realised the dog walking community existed and What a pleasure it is to meet them and their canine companions.
Shy lady
16th Jul 2017 17:53:37
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I have just joined and have a Pomerainian
[email protected]
12th Nov 2016 12:18:22
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Hello I have a blue merle collie she will be six on the 19th nov. We also have a jack russel that we rescued about 13yrs ago and my son who lives with us has a crazy lurcher he's 2.
Response from Lionel made on 12th Nov 2016 13:15:56
That is one lovely dog!
8th Oct 2016 17:45:50
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I have three Border Collies, a Blue Merle boy, a Seal boy and a rather non-descript bitch who's just lovely.

Collies have been a feature of my adult life; some have been house dogs and some working sheep dogs, useful when I was a shepherd.

The Merle is thirteen. He didn't reach maturity until he was four years old. It was a long haul but loved every moment of it. He's ended up a perpetual juvenile delinquent; mischievous, fun, athletic, supremely intuitive and the best of companions.

The Seal is another villain with a tender nature. He doesn't allow his father, the Merle, to over shadow him, rather he too has a very strong personality and the competition between the boys keeps them young and fit.

The bitch, well, she began life as a working sheep dog but was retired at five months - sheep were, to her, playthings. She didn't so much lose the plot as not ever get it! She can be a little thick at times, but she is in a difficult place with these two powerful boys.
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