Who should elect members of the House of Lords?

David Cameron has been heavily criticised today for appointing 45 new members to the House of Lords which includes 26 former Conservative ministers and supporters, bringing the total number of Lords to 826.

Only the Chinese National Peoples Congress is larger as a parliamentary chamber than the House of Lords.

The new Lords include the disgraced Tory MP Douglas Hogg who used his parliamentary expenses to get the moat round his manor house dredged for £2,115.

The Labour MP John Mann has said “Creating ‘Lord Moat’ is an absolute disgrace. It is rewarding one of the very worst offenders of the expenses scandal. This brings Parliament into  disrepute.”

Baroness Deech said it was becoming increasingly difficult to get work done because of “too many people trying to be heard”. “The place is simply overcrowded to an extent that you can’t do your job properly,” she said.

“You have to queue for two hours to be able to get an oral question tabled.”

Many critics have said that there should be under 500 Lords and it desperately needs reforming again, however David Cameron has rejected this and said there is “no point” in reviving efforts to reform the House of Lords.

What are your views?  Should the government be appointing even more of its own “cronies” to the House of Lords when many feel it is too large and members are out of touch already?  Should David Cameron be making disgraced MPs like Douglas Hogg a Lord?

Who should elect the members of the House of Lords

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What are your views?

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major red
9th Sep 2016
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now i bet the taxpayer will foot the repair bill for the houses of parliment. How many billion, i forget but a lot. Why not the lords and mp they earn more than us.
Ollie Onion
17th Oct 2015
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At £300 per sitting (and sleeping) we can't afford anymore. Reduction by at least 50% will be a start.
11th Oct 2015
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who in their right mind would trust an MP nowadays???
27th Sep 2015
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It is an old bots club with too many former politicans put out to grass and numbers are appointed to ensure the ruling party has a majority vote.
[email protected]
8th Sep 2015
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House of Lords (if we need it at all) should be elected and accountable to the electorate.
geegee 19
6th Sep 2015
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WHY ? do we need all these hangers on What exactly do they all do Most pics I see of them all sitting in the pews they all seem to be nodding off .......At three hundred pounds every time they walk through the doors even if they don't stay they get the money .....How many working class people get this amount of money for in the main part doing nothing
5th Sep 2015
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Totally disgraceful all these 'Lords' we are paying for. Probably 250 members of the highest quality not dredged from the political scene, but industry, science and the arts, would suit me.

And as for the H of P, that could easily be reduced to say 350.
5th Sep 2015
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We should elect the upper chamber on a regional basis. No more than a 100 members.
Kit Wingate
30th Aug 2015
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What I have to say reflects very much on that which happened in 2010 , and of a result that gave Cameron and Clegg, who as leaders of both political parties that LOST the General Election, the opportunity to swan off to Her Maj. and declare with her approval to form the next government of the U.K. The citizens then just sat back, as mostl times they invariably do, and these two clowns and all their co-habs for the next five years, ruled the roost with all the malarky of economy, and generally of the terrible state of the UK and of its near backruptancy bestowed upon all by the incompetant out going Labourites. Now let first say quite definately that I AM NO LABOURITE FANATIC, or indeed a follower or supporter of ANY POLITICAL PARTY. I am an ordinary common or garden ENGLISHMAN, who has served many years wearing a KHAKI SUIT for Queen and COUNTRY.
I could go on and on for reams of lines of the many wrongs and rights of life today we all live with in the lovable land of ours, dearly fought for in two dreadful world wars, with loses to countless familes, many of whom you out there will say, yes ours were of those too. And here I say is that of what my contribution on this subject revolves around. What on earth were you the citizens of this GREAT NATION thinking and dreaming of,with re-elcting Cameron and his buffoons, back to government and number 10, with his party declarations and political procrastinations of masterminding a sound good economy, and resounding phrases of 'WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER', and not many of you, or should I claim..THAT MOST OF YOU..chose to ignore Camerons continued statments that the BILLIONS OF FORIEGN AID WILL CONTINUE TO BE PAID..(to all these despot dictators and self appointed leaders of numerous nations, who used all that foriegn aid given them, to firstly pack out their own individual bank balances in countries of dubious banking qualities, and a goodly amount remaining to the purchase of luxurious aircraft for themselves, dreamland motor-cars for their own use..I wont dwell on the many wives they chalk up either) Continue with Camerons declaration of the continuance of this financial foriegn aid, he (Cameron) then declres that this foriegn aid commitment will go through parliament and be carved onto stone tablets as PERMANENT and will be LAW. Meanwhile fellow citizens, we will all have to notch in our belts and take the strain with CUTS and MORE CUTS, and MORE AND MORE CUTS,some Shangri La economic revival that will be. Dear Mr Cameron and all his ilk will still flourish, he is not short of a few bob....he will no doubt with fellow comedian Osborne go around to the fancy dress Joke Shop and bothwill hire again and again their standing ordert kit of HIGH-VIZ jacket and HARD HAT and have a PR day out with enormouse expenses to claim too, at some factory or place of construction, to constitute the picture of 'YOU WILL ALL SEE WHAT GOOD CHAPS WE ARE' ...And now we see how Mr Cameron has now moved a great number of his cronies into the Lords...and theres more to it with all the other useless political cronies and hangers on also in there!!!...dont know about you lot of my fellow out there, but methinks this great nation of ours seriouslly needs and requires another person somewhat like that man from ELY in the 1600's...but one to target the politicians, our MAJ is to be untouchable. So long...have a nice and happy 5 YEARS TO COME..
29th Aug 2015
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This just goes to show that democracy doesn't exist in Britain when a Prime Minister appoints these people to the House of Lords. Just so he can have a majority to get his policies through. I always thought the House of Lords was an independent group who reviewed government policies and would reject them and send them back if they did not think it was fair. And it also sends a message to the people. This government don't care if their members cheat and steal with their expenses they will still be rewarded so long as they give their 30 pieces of silver to the Tory party.
28th Aug 2015
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This is an absolute disgrace. While I vote conservative David Cameron has really let the side down here by appointing people like Hogg to the Lords. He and his team and others in Parliament just don't get the fact that the great British public are totally sick of all this corruption, cronyism and nonsense. If I had used my expenses to claim rent on properties that did not exist or dredge my drains (like Mr Hoggs moat) I would have been dismissed on the spot and rightly so -not promoted? What is wrong with these people?
28th Aug 2015
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31st Aug 2015
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Really ,you have just realised Cameron and his cronies are in it for themselves.This country is run on greed ,nothing is done for the people who elected these parasites in .Just look at the benefits they could save if the House of Lords was scrapped .There are married couples in there getting £600 pound a day if they sign their name to say they are in the chamber .Pretty good for a couple of minutes or hours a day .And this Government is stopping people on £57 pound a week if they are minutes late for an appointment at job centre .Politicians claim this for their breakfast .

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