Try a new hobby this autumn

If you find yourself knocking around the house when the cooler weather arrives, why not put some of that spare time towards a new hobby?

Autumn is a great time to take on a new project or learn a new skill; we instinctively slow down as winter approaches, and spending an afternoon or evening of activity while warm indoors with a cup of tea can be incredibly relaxing.

Need inspiration? Here’s a few ideas to get you started…



Both creative and practical, quilt-making offers the opportunity to improve your sewing skills, get creative and update the décor in your bedroom or spare bedroom while you’re at it. You can sew by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine, and can experiment with both simple and intricate designs and patterns. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, you can find some tips in our Best of the Web article, Quilt-making for beginners.



If you dream of transforming the garden shed into a full-blown workshop, taking up woodworking is all the excuse you need. Fun, hands-on and satisfying, you can build everything from doors to furniture or cutting boards. Find all you need to get started with woodworking in our Best of the Web guide.

Candle making   


Candles can brighten a room, add atmosphere and even give off warmth on a cold day, so it’s no surprise we love them in our homes through autumn and winter. Though a lovely luxury, candles can also be a costly indulgence – making them yourself from scratch is a great way to cut costs and create scents and votives that suit your home. Learn the basics with our guide to candle making at home.



If you’re looking for an activity you can enjoy in front of the television or while listening to the radio, scrapbooking might be right for you. These colourful albums are a great way to preserve memories and get creative using photos and mementos you’ve collected over time. Find tips about everything from supplies to design in our Best of the Web guide to scrapbooking.



If you like the idea of knitting or sewing but find the intricate work too challenging, felting is a great alternative. Because wool felt is sturdy and easy to work with, there’s virtually no limit on what you can create – from wearable creations like broaches and hats to decorative wall hangings, felting is a great way to use your imagination without restriction. Find out more guide to fun with felting.

What are your favourite pastimes?

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