Does your family know in which drawer your will is in?

Modern life is complex.  We create and gather so much information in a variety of formats and across multiple devices, online platforms and on CDs and paper – on average we store important information in 5 different places and in 3 different types of format.  

There are multiple layers of complexity in our lives, some people may have been married a couple of times with children from both marriages. This can be confusing when one partner dies. Or perhaps they never made a Will and when they pass away everything becomes tied up in probate for years. In each case it can cause a lot of problems for those left behind.

It should be noted that the internet and worldwide web started about 25 years ago in 1994 so even at the age of 70 you will still have built up a good-sized digital footprint which is only going to expand.

So, given the above, while everyone understands that you need to manage your physical and fiscal assets have you considered a third dimension of all of those online banking, retail, social media, premium bonds, pensions, telco accounts, insurance, investment accounts etc. …. what do you want to do with them when you pass away, how will they be managed?

How many times have you found yourself searching for a Will, share certificate or a deed?  Now imagine how hard it will be for your family to find and collate all your documentation and assets in the event of an accident or your passing.

None of us want to be a burden in later life to our family.  By collecting and centralising all your documentation and memories, now, into a single place; which is easily accessed by your family after you pass away (it’s totally private before then) you are removing stress and worry for them.

The challenges around managing your estate are many and the issues that can be caused for your family after your death may be extensive and emotionally painful.

Mii-VAULT was built to solve the problem of a modern complex life.  There was a need for an ultra-secure, on-line document repository to store images, videos of the family as well as being able to share the documents with beneficiaries on death.

There had to be an “End of Life” process with a password keeper where you share passwords with your beneficiaries.

You can store the details of your Lawyers, Financial Advisors and Executors of your Will and the “End of Life” process makes these details available for your beneficiaries while you are alive so that it answers the question “Who do they call” when you pass away.

Mii-VAULT is designed to take the stress out of your estate planning needs and facilitates the smooth transition of a physical and digital inheritance at the end of a life. It allows families to avoid the loss of wealth and assets that have been painstakingly built up and it even has a tool to help you make a simple Will. It gives you peace of mind that you will pass everything on, whether it is a title deed to a house or simply a farewell video to a loved one, you will have it covered.

Why not put on the kettle and take a few moment to visit watch the demo video and see how easy it is to start the journey from Paper to Peace of Mind.


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