3 unique ways to stay active and energised in your golden years

A wise philosopher once said, “How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you were.” What they meant by that was that age should be no barrier. Moving into your golden years can present you with an opportunity to pursue a better, healthier and happier you. Here are three ways that you could do that today.

1. Take up an alternative sport or activity

Impress the kids, get on the move and make new friends by taking up an interesting sport or joining a unique club. Perhaps you could get the endorphins flowing with a session of laughter yoga, awaken your inner Viking with a spot of axe throwing or master the increasingly popular hybrid sport of footgolf. Just type one of these into Google. You’ll be surprised at how many of these activities exist and how close you are to a local club. You could even take the family along too.

2. Take a walk on the wild side

Whether it’s been your ambition to swim with dolphins, sail the channel or scale the three peaks –it’s never too late to do something incredible. Life may have got in the way before but our senior years could be the ideal time to finally make that long-held ambition or dream become reality. Just make sure you get plenty of pictures to wow and inspire your friends and family!

3. Discover your personal food triggers

Aches, pains, tummy grumbles and extreme tiredness. So many of us are held back by these but we shouldn’t just accept them. It’s important to get these niggles checked out by a doc first of course. But if your GP hasn’t gotten to the bottom of your symptoms, then something in your diet could be contributing to the root cause. Food intolerance Testing Company of the year 2018, YorkTest, can test your IgG antibody reactions to over 200 food and drinks and identify your personal food triggers.


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