Incontinence – It’s No Laughing Matter

The sudden desperate urge to go to the toilet when away from home is something many people face on a regular basis, especially if you’re one of the estimated 14 million people in the UK who have a problem controlling your bladder or the 6.5 million with bowel issues.

Continence specialist HARTMANN Direct has launched a new card to help make it easier for people to ask to use a toilet while out and about.

The HARTMANN Direct continence card is a credit card sized plastic card, featuring the words: “I need to use a toilet urgently – thank you for your assistance and understanding.”  On the reverse it says: “Please help, I can’t wait.”  The cards are available free of charge from HARTMANN Direct. Simply visit to get hold of a card.

Lots of people worry about needing to go to the toilet while they’re out and not being able to find a toilet to use.  This is something that is getting worse with the closure of many public toilets, resulting in a lack of facilities in many towns. HARTMANN Direct has produced the continence cards to support people suffering from incontinence who have a desperate need to use a toilet.  The card’s not a guaranteed entry to use someone’s toilet but it does give you something to show, to highlight that you have a genuine need to use the toilet urgently.  The cards are discreet, easily fit in a purse or wallet and will hopefully make it easier to ask to use a toilet when you really need to.    

Caused by a dysfunction of the bladder or bowel, incontinence can range from slight to very severe.  Slight incontinence involves the loss of a few drops, while very severe incontinence can involve the release of a full bladder. Wearing continence pads can provide you with added security and enable you to get on with your daily activities without worrying about leaking. 

HARTMANN has been taking incontinence very seriously for over 35 years.  Many of its products, including tried and tested brands MoliMed® and MoliCare®, are recommended by healthcare professionals.  The company’s now offering its expertise direct to the public via HARTMANN Direct – a one-stop-shop for continence advice and continence products.

HARTMANN Direct offers a wide range of continence pads, pants and associated products, including pads specifically designed for men.  Available in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels, there are products to suit all degrees of incontinence, including slim pads that fit snuggly. Within the MoliMed® range, MoliMed Premium Light and Micro come individually wrapped, making them ideal for popping in your bag when you’re out and about. 

With HARTMANN Direct, you don’t have to worry about being seen buying continence care products with your weekly shop, as you can order online – by visiting – and have them delivered in discreet packaging direct to your door. 


Visit the website today to get your free continence card


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