TEMPUR® have a range of mattresses to suit all types of sleepers

The TEMPUR® story begins in the late 1960s when NASA scientists and engineers were asked to develop a material to absorb the G-force pressure astronauts endure during lift-off and landing. After years of development and testing, the first TEMPUR® mattress was born.

We’re now proud to say that we are the only mattress company recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

And that didn’t stop there. That unique material lies in the core of all TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows today, offering you a truly restful sleep. But, TEMPUR® know that not everyone sleeps the same, which is why they offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer a soft, medium, firm or even spring like feel, TEMPUR® have a range of mattress to suit all types of sleepers.

When you purchase a mattress from TEMPUR® you can experience the magic of TEMPUR® Material for yourself. The viscoelastic cells in TEMPUR® mattresses instantly respond to your body warmth, shape and weight. The material conforms and adapts, relieving pressure and absorbing motion. TEMPUR®’s unique motion absorption qualities mean that if sharing a bed, you are less likely to feel the movement of your partner.

The proven pressure relief of a TEMPUR® mattress gives your body total comfort and support, helping you to drift off faster and reduce tossing and turning. No matter how much pressure you put on a TEMPUR® mattress, it will always return to its original shape. Unlike other mattresses, it will not sink, sag or warp over time, helping to you sleep longer, better and deeper.

All TEMPUR® mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee, that means peace of mind for a decade. Not only that, TEMPUR® mattresses are maintenance free. You do not have to turn or flip your mattress.

And if you do want to clean your TEMPUR® mattress, it couldn’t be easier. All Elite and Luxe models come with a handy zip-off QuickRefresh™ cover. Simply unzip the top and pop in the wash up to 60°C. Our Supreme models also have a fully removable, washable cover.  Not only that but with every mattress purchased, comes a complimentary TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector, so you can keep your mattress clean, fresh and dry.

All TEMPUR® mattresses come with a 100 night home trial, which means after 100 nights if you don’t love your mattress, you can send it back. Currently TEMPUR® also offer a free delivery and returns service to Mainland UK.

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