Win a Tru-Diamonds 4-carat Belle of the Ball Ring!

You’ll get compliments and admiring glances wherever you go with Tru-Diamonds™, the laboratory created gems with the look and allure of the finest top-grade diamonds.

This month you could be in with a chance of winning a stunning Tru-Diamonds™ 4-carat Belle of the Ball Ring.

Tru-Diamonds™ provide an amazingly affordable alternative for anyone who wants to experience the look and allure of fine diamond jewellery without the expensive price tag.

Qualities of the Finest Diamonds:

When judged by the “four C’s” (colour, clarity, cut and carat size) that gemmologists use to grade fine diamonds, Tru-Diamonds™ gems have all the important characteristics of rare, top-grade mined diamonds.  They’re ice white in colour, flawlessly clear, cut to perfect proportions and the same carat sizes as their mined counterparts.

Superb Hand-Finished Settings:

Set in quality, hand finished settings of 18-carat gold or .950 platinum, richly clad over a core of sterling silver, Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery looks so authentic even a jeweller won’t know when you’re wearing it.

The Choice of Celebrities and VIPs:

Nowadays, more and more socially conscious celebrities, VIPs and wealthy people choose these environmentally friendly, non-mined gems. They know their choices can help the environment and they save a fortune as they don’t have to insure hugely expensive mined diamonds.

90-Day Risk Free, Money-Back Trial:

All Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery comes with a no-risk Money Back Guarantee:  Wear it for a full 90-days and at the end of that time, if you’re not delighted with the compliments you get, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Shop online at or phone 0333 043 5000 and ask them to send you a VIP Half Price Catalogue – it’s specially for Silversurfers members.

Click here to see the Belle of the Ball Ring

The Prize:

1 x Tru-Diamonds Belle of the Ball Ring

The total prize value is £169


The results are in!

Congratulations to our winner
Derek Pryor
We will contact you via email to assist in claiming your prize!

Thank you to all who entered, and good luck with our other competitions!

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