Three reasons why wearable technology is relevant for Silversurfers users!

Keeping physically fit in your 50s and beyond guards against problems in later life, just as keeping socially connected is essential for mental health.

With the availability of wearable technology, it is now easier than ever to maintain an active lifestyle, without fear of isolation, or finding yourself alone.

Keeping you connected

The CPR Guardian enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones, wherever you are, whatever you do, without the need to carry your mobile phone.

Whether you decide to do the gardening, to go for a walk or to get on with the shopping, wearable technology keeps you in touch with friends and family: you can call others wherever you are and they can call you, they can also locate you.

Peace of mind when you are busy

The advantage of wearable technology is that it brings a host of functions at your fingertips:

  • stay in touch, it is a phone;
  • track your walks or allow others to know where you are with its GPS locator;
  • decide how hard you want to exercise with its Heart Monitor.

Should you need it, the emergency button can be linked to your loved ones’ phones or, if you decide, to our monitoring centre.

Live your best life with CPR Guardian

The CPR Guardian Watch and App are made in the UK by CPR Global Tech. The watch is easy to use but, if you need guidance or advice with set-up, the company has a state-of-the-art technical support centre. The company also offers accidental damage cover for £39.99 to bring you peace of mind should the wearer break the watch. This commitment to excellent customer care explains why it won the Queen’s Award in 2018 and the American Business Award (Gold) in 2019.

Mrs Whitfield from the Wirral said that the CPR Guardian was a lifesaver. Her husband has vascular dementia and he wandered from his house. As he was monitored by CPR, the police contacted the company and were able to find him instantly (15 miles away in Liverpool). He was soon back home.  This is, of course, an extreme use of the watch, but wearable technology can be adapted to individual needs.

The watch is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the Watch and App are priced at £199.99, or £29.99 a month.

The CPR Guardian comes complete with a Chameleon SIM which offers greater mobile coverage than any other mobile phone network, giving you the peace of mind that you are unlikely ever to lose reception.

With you, every step of the way.

Call Our Friendly Team On 0800 652 7780 to place an order or discuss further.


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