Best Coffee makers guide

It’s official; we’ve become a nation of coffee lovers.

Tea may still be up there as our national drink of choice, but you just have to look at any high street to know that coffee culture is definitely here to stay.

You don’t have to visit one of the UK’s many independent cafés or coffee chains to enjoy a great cup of Joe, however. Thanks to the development of high tech but easy to use coffee makers, you can recreate the perfect latte, espresso or cappuccino in the comfort of your own home.

A great start to the morning

As popular as it was during the 60s and 70s, hot drink technology has come on a long way since the days of the Teasmaid. A good thing too, seeing as many of us are preferring to start our morning with a cup of coffee instead. A poll from YouGov found that while 52 per cent of Brits prefer tea, 35 per cent would rather have a cup of coffee. With the new generation of coffee machines, you can say goodbye to watery, instant coffee and start your morning with a smooth, rich java.

 The world of home coffee machines is a big one, perhaps not that surprising when you think about how passionate coffee lovers are about sitting down to a quality beverage. At the top of the range, you can expect to spend several hundred pounds, or even thousands, on a machine. However, there is an excellent selection of machines in the mid-price bracket – anywhere from £30 to £100 – that offer a great drink every time for less. For a useful overview of the various brands and how well they perform in comparison, have a look at the essential guide to buying a coffee machine.

Hands on or hands off your morning brew

 When choosing a new coffee machine you’ll also want to think about how involved you want to be in the preparation. Pod machines allow you to simply insert a small plastic, premeasured pod and water or milk while more traditional machines expect you to grind your coffee and froth the milk yourself. Many people prefer the taste of freshly ground coffee, but when convenience is key you might be better off with a pod machine. Pluggedin has some good advice for helping you decide whether you want a hands on or hands off coffee machine.

To work out what kind of machine is best suited for your kitchen, check out this perfect coffee guide from The Guardian. Before you make your choice, you may also want to have a look at 10 of the best machines, as chosen by House to Home. You can also check out The Telegraph’s favourite picks and, if you’re an espresso lover, The Independent has compiled a top 10 for espresso machines too. Get hunting for your perfect coffee machine and wake up to a great morning brew every day.

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