Useful online resources for hair loss sufferers

Losing your hair can be a very stressful and unwelcome experience. Although everyone will experience some degree of hair loss as they grow older, the effects are far more pronounced on some.

Find out more about the causes and potential treatments of hair loss and connect with other people in a similar situation by making the most of the available online resources.

Male and female pattern baldness

As the most common reason for losing your hair, male or female pattern baldness is a well known condition but one that’s often not talked about in any serious way. Online, you can find a variety of resources that offer real answers to questions and useful information for anyone suffering from hair loss. Find out more about male pattern baldness and how it might affect you on Some more excellent advice can be found in the pages of Men’s Health, which has a useful guide to fighting hair loss at all stages.

The fact that many men lose their hair as they grow older is widely accepted within our culture, but fewer people are happy to talk about the fact that many women lose their hair too. Find out more about female pattern baldness and how it affects women on Medicine Plus. It’s not only age that can play a factor in this condition, sometimes it can be caused by an excess of male hormones and there are some possible treatments to consider.

Huffington Post has also put together an interesting article about the types of food and changes to your diet that can help keep your hair healthy. Have a read of their top foods for preventing hair loss and see if there are any simple changes you can make to give your hair a boost.

Different types of hair loss

While aging is the most common cause of hair loss, it is by no means the only one. There are a number of other conditions that can cause hair loss, many of which fall under the blanket term of alopecia. One more unusual cause of premature baldness is Trichotillomania, a condition where the sufferer is compelled to pull their own hair out. It’s a psychological condition that can be hard to treat and the NHS has a comprehensive selection of information.

On the Alopecia UK website, you’ll have access to some excellent resources, including explanations for different potential causes of hair loss and some useful tips about treatment and wigs. There’s also a section of the site dedicated to support and advice, which could put you in touch with the help you need.

If you’re looking for someone to talk to about hair loss, the Regrowth website and forum is the perfect place. There, you’ll find a whole host of other people going through the same thing and happy to share their tips and experiences. The site also has a selection of hair loss related articles and research, so you can learn more about the condition.

Read widely and be reassured that there are other people out there who understand how you feel and who may have useful tips or advice for you.

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