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Post performance

Post performance

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  • “I consider it to be my online magazine. I like the standards of the community and the people who use it adhere too.”
  • “It is a safe online space, well regulated & friendly.”
  • “Silversurfers is like a friend popping round.”
  • “A wide spread of offers, articles, humour, information and entertainment.”
  • “Somewhere to meet, discuss and make friends with like minded people.”
  • “A modern approach to the over 50s.”
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...So much so, our engagement levels are unparalleled
Facebook Interaction Rate Comparison
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Daily Mail
Silver surfers
The Guardian
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Radio Times
Sum of interactions per 1000 fans
Interaction Rate per post

Source: Social Bakers, Mar-April 2020

In short, our audience trust us, and trust equals action.
ad age(2019)
Consumers ranked brand trust as one of the top factors they consider when making a purchase.

75 percent said they’d value trust more than trendiness.

Source: https://adage.com

The Over 50s?

The over 50s are economically, socially and politically the most powerful generation of all time – holding 80% of the UK’s wealth. (Telegraph, 2019)

The over 50s feel misrepresented & ignored by advertising because brands are using their age, rather than their attitude and lifestyles. (Marketing Week, 2019)

Quality, trust and brand safety have never been more important to this age group, as well as agencies and brands alike. (Marketing Week, 2020)

Source: Savills, 2018 & Marketing Week, 2019

Did you know?

In 2019, Nielsen found that the over 50s spend nearly 10 hours a day consuming media on their televisions, computers and smartphones.

That is 12% more than 35 to 49 year olds, and a third more than those aged 18 to 34.

Source: The Economist, 2019

Did you know?

50% of the adult UK population are over 50, but who are they?


• 85% shop online and have been doing so for 20 years
• 83% take three holidays per year
• 50%+ expect to shop more online post pandemic
• 85% are homeowners without mortgages
• 88% say finances have not been affected by the pandemic
• 80% of car industry profits
• 58% of global beauty market
• 80% excercise regularly and have a healthy diet

By 2040 the over 50s will outspend the under 50s in every key area of expenditure

2040: total household spending, by sector and age group

0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
Recreation & culture
Household goods & services
Food & non-alcoholic drinks
Restaurants & hotels
Miscellaneous goods & services
Clothing & footwear
Alcoholic drinks, tabacco & narcotics
0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
50 and over
Under 50

Total annual household expenditure (£ billion)

As this demographic spans 40 years, we have segmented it into three key groups using Silversurfers Experian Mosaic profiles and 1st party data…

The Age Embracers

Empty Nesters
No Mortgages
Decision maker for their children in 20s & their elderly parents

Household Income: £30k-£100k pa

The ‘Young’ 50s

Children in teens & twenties
Becoming empty nesters
Spend more on cosmetics & clothes
than people in their 20s
Many Fitness fanatics

Household Income: £50k-£150k pa

The Comfortably Elders

Lucrative pensions
Holidays at least 3 per year
Interests-gardening, pets, travel, DIY

Household Income: £30k-£80k pa

The ‘Young’ 50s

The ’50 years young’ group do not believe or feel like they are turning 50, or even nearing 60. This is reflected in their behavioural and spending habits.

This group consists of well-off families in upmarket suburban homes where grown-up children benefit from continued financial support (MoneySupermarket, 2019) They are yet to live the full empty-nester experience, but with children heading to university, are getting a taste of what’s in store.

This demographic loves feeling and looking good. Women aged 50+ account for 58% of the global beauty market (Telegraph, 2019) , and are spending money on the most premium brands.

Source: Experian Mosaic Profile: ‘Bank-of-Mum-and-Dad’, ‘Boomerang-Boarders’

Average Age Range: 50s

Socio-Demographic: AB

Household Income: £50k-150k pa

Brand Map
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The ‘Age Embracers’

As their children fly the nest, the ‘Age Embracers’ have more time, space and money than ever before, (Marketing Week, 2012) and they’re not wasting a single moment of it.

Whether it is booking long-weekends away, or splashing out on an expensive sports car, this group are fully embracing their later life stage and they have never been happier (Independent, 2019).

This pre-retirement group, find themselves in a unique life position,-(The Sandwich generation) acting as decision ‘assistants’ for both their adult children and aging parents, and so are a lucrative audience for brands.

Source: Experian Mosaic Profile: ‘Empty Nest Adventurers’ “Fledgling Free”

Average Age Range: 60s

Socio-Demographic: ABC1

Household Income: £50k-150k pa

Brand Map
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The ‘Comfortaby Elders’

The ‘Comfortably Elders’ are those who are living and loving their golden years.

This post-retirement group are financially secure (KAM Media, 2019), living in their properties outright, and enjoy spending their hard-earned pension on life's greatest joys; gardening, travelling (Telegraph, 2019) and their grandchildren (CBNC, 2019).

Despite being late-adaptors to technology, this group are more than capable digitally, with 65% shopping online (ONS, 2019) and they enjoy using social platforms to keep in touch with their families. This groups household spending has rocketed by 70% over the last 5 years due to additional earnings working longer, lucrative pensions and increasing property wealth.

Source: Experian Mosaic Profile: ‘Ageing Access, ‘Classic Grandparents’

Average Age Range: 65+

Socio-Demographic: ABC1-C2

Household Income: £30k-80k pa

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