The low-cost UK energy suppliers they don’t want you to know about…

UK households are overpaying for electricity by £350 per year, on average, according to a recent ITV report. You might think you’re getting a better deal by using a comparison site to find a better deal – but there’s a catch, says energy-switching service Switchd.

The Comparison Site Catch

Around 80% of British households are with one of the “Big Six” energy suppliers: British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power, SSE. Unfortunately, these providers are often the most expensive – so if you’re currently a customer, it’s worth checking if you can switch to a get a better deal.

In the UK, comparison sites typically only switch to 35% of available energy suppliers, says Llewellyn Kinch, co-founder of automated energy-switching service Switchd.  This is because comparison sites only switch customers to suppliers who pay commissions.

“Most people think they’re getting a good deal when they use a comparison site. The reality is, they often miss out on cheaper, more innovative providers – because comparison sites only switch to about a third of UK energy suppliers.”

“The energy providers with the cheapest tariffs don’t pay commissions to comparison sites, so you have to look elsewhere for the best deals.”

Getting the Cheapest Energy in the UK

Switchd – an automated energy-switching service that launched last year – is different to comparison sites. It searches all energy suppliers in the UK, around 21,000 individual tariffs each day, and then switches you over to the best option automatically.

The average Switchd customer saves £390 per year off their energy bill – £119 more than they would save through traditional comparison sites.

Once you have signed up to Switchd, the whole energy switching process happens automatically, without you needing to call the energy company or fill out any additional paperwork

“We wanted to make switching to the cheapest energy supplier as simple and easy as possible,” says Kinch.

“You only need to sign up once and it typically takes around 10 minutes, then we’ll keep you on the lowest-cost energy plan available, year after year, without you having to lift a finger.”

And, with a 5-Star Trustpilot rating and 98% of customers rating Switchd as “Excellent”, it seems British consumers agree.

A Better Deal For Silversurfers

Whilst there is a free offering available, the biggest savings require a small monthly fee, starting at £1.99 a month. To make sure customers always save, Switchd is free until they find a deal that saves them at least £50.

For a limited time, Switchd are offering an exclusive discount for Silversurfers members: use the code “SSDISCOUNT18” and get 3 months free on any paid plan. Visit the Silversurfers discount page for more information.

Peter Hannant, a director here at Silversurfers, signed up for Switchd recently and is already a big fan.

“I signed up with Switchd in a few minutes – it was easy. They promised to find and keep me on the best available gas and electricity tariff available in the market so I don’t have to keep shopping around.

I was delighted when they found me a deal that saved me over £500 a year! Switching was easy as they did all the legwork and the savings far outweigh the small monthly cost of using the service.”

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