Answers to your arthritis questions, from our community experts

I’m Sharon, and I’ve lived with arthritis for almost 40 years having been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis when I was only 20.

I know how hard it can be to explain the condition to those around you, and the impact arthritis can have on all aspects of life including family, relationships, work and hobbies.

In 2005 I joined Arthritis Care, now Versus Arthritis, to support their Online Community.

In our community, you can tell it how it is. It’s a safe, supportive space for people living with or caring for those with arthritis to share experiences, ask questions or just have a chat with people in a similar situation.

Throughout the pandemic, the community has been an amazing source of comfort and support to many people. We have a dedicated COVID-19 forum where people can ask their questions but importantly people are using the community to stay connected.

I wanted to highlight just 5 of the many discussions we have on the community that you might find interesting, if you’re living with arthritis:

1. I am new here and I’m not ok >>

“I live alone and completely rely on myself for everything. I’m genuinely hoping that I can get some practical advice here…”

We often see those who are newly diagnosed with arthritis on our community. It can be a really anxious time and people have many questions about their condition, treatments and how to cope better day-to-day. On the community, it’s okay to say you’re not okay. You are never alone, and our community is incredibly supportive.  Living with arthritis? Say hello on our community >

2. Does dealing with rheumatoid arthritis get better over time? >>

“It certainly did for me. I’m nearly 60 years in and, when I first got methotrexate my life improved immeasurably.”

We also have those who have lived with arthritis for a while but may be having a difficult time. This discussion encompasses everything I love about our community. When one person needed support, others responded with kind words, personal experiences and plenty of tips on what’s worked for them. Have some words of support to offer? Join the discussion >

3. Former 50 something marathon Runner with OA in feet – still running 5k’s >>

“I’m looking for hope that 1 to 2 x 5k trail runs a week is kinda OK and the damage (if any might not be that bad). Is it worth the downsides?”

The conversations on our online community are all driven by people living with arthritis. We see discussions and questions about many things including exercise, fatigue, sleep and diet. The answers and support from the community help people to manage their symptoms, live better with arthritis, and continue to do the things they love. Ask your question to our community >

4. Matron’s munchies >>

“I love sweet potatoes baked then smashed with butter. Think I might give the stew a go…”

We love food and sharing recipes on the community. People share their diet tips, foods that have helped their arthritis and recipes that are easy to make if you’re having a bad day. This is a great discussion for yummy winter stews and delicious cake recipes. What are your favourite January dishes to keep you warm? >

5. Pets’ Corner >>

No surprises that our Pets’ Corner is one of our most popular chats. Feline friends and puppy pals, we love these pictures of our community’s lovable pets. Post your pet >

There are hundreds of conversations happening right now on our community. It’s open to everyone, whether you or a loved one have lived with arthritis for many years or you’ve just been diagnosed.

I love my job because every day I get to read people’s experiences and the top tips, information, and support the community give each other. 

The strength in our community is our amazing people living with arthritis, volunteers and others.

Visit the community, register and come and say hello to thousands of others who understand.


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