Lifeline24 Personal Alarm Service

Lifeline24 are an award-winning national provider of personal alarms. The Lifeline24 Alarm service supports thousands of elderly and disabled people to continue living safely and independently in the comfort of their own homes. 

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How Does a Lifeline Alarm Work?

A Lifeline24 Alarm allows the user to call for assistance with the touch of a button. The Lifeline24 Alarms come with a discreet, comfortable pendant, that can either be worn around the wrist or neck. If you require assistance, simply press the button on your pendant and you’ll be automatically connected to the Lifeline24 Response Team. The team will ask you a few questions and quickly provide you with the support you need. This usually includes calling your emergency contacts. If it’s a medical emergency, the Response Team will also call the emergency services. All Lifeline24 Alarms come with 24/7 support, 365 days a year from their accredited Response Team.

The Benefits of Personal Alarms

A personal alarm provides support and independence to the user, by allowing them to remain safely in their own home. It allows the user to call for help quickly, even if they’ve fallen and can’t get to a phone. The alarm also provides peace of mind to the user’s family, as they know support is on hand if their loved one requires it.

Choosing the Right Personal Alarm

Lifeline24 offers a range of personal alarm systems to suit people with different lifestyles and budgets. Both monthly and annual plans are available. The majority of users also qualify for VAT exemption.

Lifeline24 Vi Alarm and Pendant

The Lifeline24 Vi Alarm uses a landline connection to make emergency calls through to the Response Team. It consists of the Vi base unit that plugs into the mains power and a lightweight MyAmie pendant that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. For those without a landline, there are GPS and GSM alarms that connect to the mobile phone network.

Lifeline24 Fall Detector Alarm

The Fall Detector alarm offers peace of mind to those who have previously suffered a fall or are at risk of falling. This alarm detects a sudden drop in altitude and raises the alarm automatically to the Response Team. Users can also press the alarm button manually to call for help, as with all other Lifeline24 Alarms.

Lifeline24 GPS Alarm

The third main type of personal alarm that Lifeline24 offer is the GPS alarm. This allows the user to call for assistance wherever they are, whether at home or out and about. If the alarm is activated, the Lifeline24 Response Team can access the GPS and send help to the user’s exact location. These personal alarms are great for people who want to stay active and independent, whilst having support and reassurance.

To find out more about Lifeline24 alarms or purchase your own personal alarm, call Lifeline24 on 0800 999 0400 or visit their website at 

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