Tips to help manage your diabetes over Christmas

The festive season is traditionally one of celebration and indulgence and there will be plenty of us doing just that over Christmas, despite the restrictions.

Although those of us living with diabetes may find it hard to navigate through different routines and many more temptations than usual there is an answer.

There is a way through the season which allows a balance to be kept while indulging in those festive treats that you’ve been looking forward to all year, whether it be a second helping of roast potatoes, a glass of expensive wine or a bowlful of some amazing pudding! It just involves a little planning.

Diabetes and coronavirus

Regardless of what type of diabetes you have, you are no more likely to catch Covid 19 than anyone else and symptoms for the majority of people who do get the virus will be mild. However, those with diabetes are vulnerable to developing a severe illness if they do get Covid 19 but the severity can vary enormously from person to person.  Click here for the latest advice from Diabetes UK on Coronavirus and diabetes and think carefully about how you are going to spend your Christmas this year.

Meanwhile here are a few tips which may help you to enjoy the best of Christmas while safely managing your diabetes.

Try and keep to your routine

Try and stick as close to your usual routine as possible and keep to your regular mealtimes as this will help to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Perhaps take a snack to eat at the time you would usually have a meal if you know that you’ll be eating earlier or later than usual, but do remember to eat less when dinner is dished up.

Don’t be tempted to miss meals

Try not to be tempted to skip a meal before a big dinner as it is harder to keep control of your blood sugar this way and much more tempting to over compensate by eating too much.

Offer to bring a dish

A good way to have an idea of the ingredients in a dish is to bring your own. That way you’ll be more in control of what you eat and therefore less tempted to eat food you know you shouldn’t!

Don’t deny yourself

Try to make sure you don’t deprive yourself of foods that you love at Christmas and instead attempt to find a balance.

Choose the traditional festive treats that you wouldn’t eat at any other time of the year over foods that you can enjoy outside of the Christmas period and plan ahead so you can compensate for them elsewhere during the day.

Exercise is important

Remember to keep a regular exercise routine even if you are busier than usual.  Perhaps suggest a walk with your family after your Christmas meal – not only will you be exercising but the longer you are outside in the fresh air the less chance of spreading the Covid 19 virus.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Whatever your Christmas is like this year, don’t worry. Enjoy it, then get back on track the next day.

If you’d like to find more tips on how to enjoy Christmas with diabetes, then visit Diabetes UK for their Guide to Christmas

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