Ladies – let’s make your lives better!

It’s a simple fact of life that men have it easier. Yes, they lose their hair and, yes, women live longer, but in the main ladies have far more to deal with than men.

Women have to deal with periods, childbirth, menopause, pelvic floor exercises, any one of which can lead to bladder weakness.

Yes, bladder weakness can affect all women following childbirth. It can develop at any age and can cause all kinds of awkward situations previously never dreamed of. It may start as a small dribble here and there with a laugh or cough – but can easily develop into life-changing embarrassment. And the only option is to learn to live with it.

We don’t think it’s fair that women should have to suffer like this. That’s why we created Lyla – Live Your Life Again.

We want to make every woman’s life better – that’s why we have specifically developed a superior range of bladder weakness and incontinence products. We don’t think women should have to settle for cheap inferior products from China – we believe women are worth much, much more than that. And we offer exactly that with Lyla.

How are we better?

Well, this is what our customers say about Lyla  – you can check them all on Trustpilot.

“The softest products I have tried”
“I wish I’d found Lyla earlier”
“By far the most absorbent pads I’ve used”

Our products use the latest technology and materials to ensure there is no expense spared in giving our valued ladies the absolute best product with superior quality. We really believe our mothers, sisters, aunties and, of course, Grandmas are worth it. The ladies in our lives do so much for us it’s about time we did something for them.

We want you to live your life and enjoy your day without having to worry about those awkward moments.

Our Pads and Pants are made of four technologically advanced, purposely manufactured materials.

Spun Bond and Non-Woven Fabric substrate.
Virgin Fluff, which is a paper/wood/cotton wool like material.
A Super Absorbent Polymer.
An adhesive to hold it all together – can’t have them falling apart can we?

Our products are not recyclable. Sadly, this is not possible in a product that needs to be strong enough to perform the function they are made for, and would simply not work in the way ladies need them to for the reassurance they desire.

We only use the most eco-friendly and technologically superior materials available.
We use the most eco-efficient manufacturing and logistics processes.
We use maximum SAP for increased absorbency and assurance.
Our products are designed anatomically to provide ultimate wearing comfort.

And we deliver FREE and discreetly!

That’s right, it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? We deliver quickly and, very importantly, discreetly in an unbranded box, straight to your door and, for those looking for an even easier life, we offer a VIP repeat order service which you can amend or cancel at any time.


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