Ground-breaking home audiology service helps people affected by hearing loss

Around 1 in 6 of the UK population – over 10 million adults – suffer from hearing loss of some kind. 

Several research papers have made the connection between hearing loss and increased rates of depression, social isolation, risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

To address this problem, Online Hearing Care has developed new technology to provide hearing tests, hearing aids and ongoing remote support to millions of people suffering from hearing loss, all within the comfort of their own homes.

Online Hearing Care is currently the only hearing care provider in the world to offer a full home examination using the innovative Hearing Assessment Box. This allows their audiologists to remotely assess hearing to clinic standards. Clients are provided with an easy-to-use diagnostic Hearing Assessment Box delivered to their door to test hearing accurately via calibrated headphones and a simple to use otoscopic (small camera) examination of the ear canal and ear drum.

Online Hearing Care’s hearing aids are discreet, easily adjustable and incredibly effective devices from world-leading Swiss hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. Phonak’s technology gives increased functionality and superior performance for sharper sound quality. They also contain smart connectivity technology so you can make phone calls, listen to music, hear sat nav instructions directly into your hearing aid and help you participate fully in conversations in a crowded room by automatically turning down unwanted background noise.

In addition, clients receive full ongoing support from audiologists via virtual appointments and hearing aids can be remotely adjusted wherever you are in the world.

Professor Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon at Royal London Hospital, pioneer in digital healthcare solutions and expert Advisory Board Member to Online Hearing Care explains: “The last year has seen a real step change in acceptance of remote health assessment and provision, a trend that we see continuing post Covid.  Patients’ quality of life can be dramatically and quickly improved with accurate assessment and treatment, and all without having to even visit a clinic”.

Online Hearing Care offers super-fast service, a 60-day money back guarantee, free annual check-ups, major savings on High Street prices and their highly qualified audiologists are always available to help if needed.

To take a free online hearing test to check your hearing, visit

“It’s clear that Online Hearing Care offers a really great new way of treating hearing loss at home, which will appeal to people who are either unable to get to hearing clinics or simply too busy!”  Martin Lock, CEO,

Prices start from just £1595. For £100 off Online Hearing Care hearing aids use the code “SILVEROHC”


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